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Issue 429: Cannot start up SQLite Manager
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Status:  New
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Reported by, Mar 17, 2010
What steps will reproduce the problem?

What is the actual output?
There's no "SQLite Manager" menu item under "Tools" and I couldn't add an
icon for SQLite Manager to my toolbar by customizing it, I couldn't find
the icon.  =(

What is the expected output?
There's supposed to be a menu item for SQLite Manager. On my previous copy
of FirefoxPortable it was present but my USB was stolen/lost so I lost that
copy of FirefoxPortable

What version of the product are you using? On what target Application (e.g.
Firefox 3.5.1, etc.)? On what operating system?
Extension Version = 0.5.14
Application = FirefoxPortable 3.6
OS = Microsoft Windows XP SP3

Please provide any additional information below. In some cases
errors/warnings may be logged in the Error Console (in Firefox) which is
available under the Tools menu or using Ctrl+Shift+J. If you find any
related to this extension, please report that too.

It is not in the Error Console because I couldn't even find the menu item
to start up SQLite Manager =(

It's a great application, based on my prior usage, but now it's not working
on my fresh install of FirefoxPortable =(
Mar 19, 2010
Project Member #1
Please try to reinstall the tool.
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