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SQBind is a pretty simple, yet powerful binding library for the Squirrel language. It supports for binding classes, methods, static methods, member variables, functions, enums, C types. It can either manage pointers, or let them unmanaged. It also recognizes functions that receive pointers or references, and it passes values accordingly. On top of all that, SQBind easily lets you use your own types for taking care of native Squirrel types, such as your own (or std::) string class, table class, array class, etc.

SQBind is really simple. It consists of an only header file and a binders file, so you don't need to link against it. However, since SQBind uses C++ Partial Specialization very heavily, it will probably not work on older compilers. SQBind produces lightweight bindings, as it is designed to reuse template symbols as much as possible when binding methods/functions.

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