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How to help us make a better Spyder
Updated Jun 23, 2013 by

Spyder development is a community effort, so all kinds of contributions are welcome. The process, however, is a bit far from ideal, so you're welcome to improve it as well.

How can you help

Spyder can be improved in many ways to become the best IDE for scientific computing and exploratory programming in Python. Beta testing, proofreading the docs, keeping wiki pages up to date, testing and debugging reported problems, keeping discussion group alive, and of course writing code.

Communication is the core skill to get anything done. Development communication is split between mailing list, issue tracker, and commit reviews in code browser.

Development Resources


Parts of Spyder internals are described in Mercurial log messages:

Debugging Techniques

Run Spyder from source in system console/terminal with ./bootstrap --debug. To get your message printed to console use:

import sys; print >> sys.stderr, "message"

Debug helpers from spyderlib.utils.debug:

  • caller_name() allows to inspect how a particular function is used
  • log_methods_calls() allows to see how a method of particular class are called at run-time, when are they used and where are they defined

See also:

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