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READ-ONLY: This project has been archived. For more information see this post.
  PageName Summary + Labels Changed ChangedBy ...
WhoIsUsingSpock Projects and companies which are known to use Spock. Mar 2015  
SpockVersionsAndDependencies Spock versions and their compatible Groovy/JUnit/Grails/etc. versions. Mar 2015  
GettingStarted Run your first Spock specification.   Featured Dec 2014  
HelloSpockBuildXml Ant build file for HelloSpock project. Dec 2014  
SpockBasics Anatomy of a Spock specification.   Featured May 2012  
HelloSpockPom Maven POM for HelloSpock project. Mar 2012  
HelloSpockGradleScript Gradle build script for HelloSpock project. Mar 2012  
HelloSpock Your first Spock specification. Mar 2012  
ImportantChanges Important changes between Spock versions that users should be aware of. Mar 2012  
Examples Example specifications. Mar 2012  
Parameterizations Learn how to parameterize your feature methods. Aug 2011  
TapestryExtension Learn how to leverage Spock's Tapestry extension for spec'ing Tapestry 5 based apps. Oct 2010  
Interactions Learn how to specify interactions between your objects. Sep 2010  
WhatsNewInSpock0_2 A look at what's new and improved in Spock 0.2. May 2010  
SpringExtension Learn how Spock integrates with Spring's TestContext framework. Mar 2010  
DatabaseDrivenSpecification A data-driven specification that loads its test data from a database. Feb 2010  
StackSpecification The classic example, Spock style. Feb 2010  
Extensions Learn how to write your own Spock extensions. Feb 2010  
FAQ There's only one original.   Featured Feb 2010  
WhySpock Ten reason why Spock is for you.   Featured Feb 2010  
SpockModules The modules that the Spock Framework is composed of Dec 2009  
PublisherSubscriberSpecification Time for some interaction! Nov 2009  
Dependencies Software required to run Spock. Oct 2009  
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