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DevelopmentStuff moved   Featured May 2012  
SourceCodeMoved AnySoftKeyboard has moved to GitHub Apr 2012  
AnySoftKeyboardAroundTheWeb Mentions of anysoftkeyboard. Mar 2012  
HowTo How to install and use Any Soft Keyboard   Featured Nov 2011  
NDKInstallationAndUsage Android NDK (Native Development Kit) installation and usage Aug 2011  
Settings General settings within AnySoftKeyboard   Featured Aug 2011  
InstallHebrewFonts Aug 2011  
HowToGetIt How to get AnySoftKeyboard.   Featured Aug 2011  
InstallFonts   Featured Aug 2011  
BinaryDictionaries Binary dictionary is the dictionary format in softkeyboard. This pages guides how to create them. Aug 2011  
BuildWithCustomLanguagePacks How to build an APK that contains custom language packs Aug 2011  
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