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Issue 142: Lithuanian / Latvian keyboard
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Status:  Fixed
Closed:  Aug 2010

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Reported by, Oct 13, 2009

Could you please add support for Lithuanian keyboard? Source/diff file(s)
attached. I've used Lithuanian IBM keyboard layout + added missing
Lithuanian and Latvian characters to Latin keyboard. Please check char "a"
popup as close button is missing now (though I don't think it's the issue). 

I hope that our brāļi will add Latvian keyboard themselves as I have no
idea which layout they're using.

Please let me know if anything is missing or I could help with 

Tested on Android (v1.5) emulator.
4.0 KB   Download
Oct 14, 2009
Project Member #1
OK. I'll try to add it to the next version.
I'll keep you updated.
Status: Accepted
Labels: -Type-Defect Type-Enhancement
Jan 21, 2010
I'd like to second the need for Lithuanian layout. Please add it.
Jan 21, 2010
Project Member #3
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Owner: mennyed
Jan 29, 2010
Please find attached updated version of proposed Lithuanian layout. Diff is from rev.
581. Kaitaragis knows about this update.

Tested on HTC Hero and 1.5 emulator.

What these patches do:
. lt.diff
-- adds all the letters used in Lithuania and Latvia to the popups of Latin keyboard;
-- popup for "a" letter gets too wide, so narrow_popup is introduced
-- adds Lithuanian layout to soft keyboard
-- adds hardware keyboard translation to Lithuanian layout 
. lt.png -- icon for layout
. punctuation.diff
-- adds “ and ― for proper Lithuanian punctuation to ' and . popups respectively
12.9 KB   View   Download
1.0 KB   View   Download
872 bytes   View   Download
Feb 22, 2010
Project Member #5
It will not be a part of the next release.
It will be added once external packages will be support (release after that)
Jun 11, 2010
Can we get a Lithuanian package now that the external packages are supported?
Jun 11, 2010
Project Member #7
Sure. @herrlado, wanna do that?
Cc: herrlado
Jun 11, 2010
Project Member #8
Jun 12, 2010
Project Member #9
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Owner: herrlado
Cc: -herrlado mennyed
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #10
Do you guys speak the same language in Lithua / Latvia ?

Jun 15, 2010
Nope. It's similar, but definitely not the same.
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #12
ok I founde ->

Lithuanian        -     LT
Latvian, Lettish  -	LV

Should it be 2 several packages?
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #13
(No comment was entered for this change.)
744 bytes   View   Download
803 bytes   View   Download
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #14
There are several layout. Could you comment them?
38.2 KB   View   Download
34.7 KB   View   Download
31.9 KB   View   Download
Jun 15, 2010
Lithuanian1.png is most commonly used, even though Lithuanian_ibm.png is technically "the proper one". However, if you're making a laout for the masses, I'd use the first one.

As for the number of packages, I do believe Lithuanian and Latvian should be separate as they have different letters.
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #16
ok no problem. And we can make the both layouts :) 
But, there are even more layout :O 
On my linux machine I can choose between 7-8 Layouts for Lithuanian1 and
4-5 for Latvian.
Do you have Linux?

Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #17
Are there any Word Lists? 
Jun 15, 2010
For physical keyboards almost everyone in Lithuania is using Lithuanian1.
I think that for software keyboard it makes sense to add the Lithuanian letters on their corresponding Latin counterparts:
A would pop-out to Ą(ą)
C would pop-out to Č(č)
E would pop-out to Ę(ę) and Ė(ė)
I would pop-out to Į(į)
S to Š(š)
U to Ų(ų) and Ū(ū)
Z to Ž(ž)

I cannot comment on the Latvian.
Jun 15, 2010
Regarding word lists - I know that there is a spell checker component for Firefox for Lithuanian. However I'm not aware of any other Lithuanian word lists.
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #20

And we support also double tap. It means
If you tap on a key twice, another character can be printed.

For my language(georgian) I youe this feature, beacause we have 33 letters to map
on 26 latin letters.
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #22
Please translate these lines.

in Lithuanian

    <string name="app_name">AnySoftKeyboard - Lithuanian Language Pack</string>
    <string name="lt_keyboard">Lithuanian</string>
    <string name="lt_ibm">Lithuanina IBM</string>
    <string name="dictionary">Dictionary</string>
    <string name="lt_ibm_description">Created with <names></string>
    <string name="lt_qwerty_description">Created with <names></string>
    <string name="lt_dictionary_description">Created with herrlado</string>

in Latvian

    <string name="app_name">AnySoftKeyboard - Latvian Language Pack</string>
    <string name="lv_keyboard">Latvian</string>
    <string name="dictionary">Dictionary</string>
    <string name="lv_ergonomic_description">Created with <names></string>
    <string name="lv_qwerty_description">Created with <names></string>
    <string name="lv_dictionary_description">Created with <names></string>

Jun 15, 2010
<string name="app_name">AnySoftKeyboard - Lietuvių kalbos paketas</string>
    <string name="lt_keyboard">Lietuvių</string>
    <string name="lt_ibm">Lietuvių (IBM)</string>
    <string name="dictionary">Žodynas</string>

For these I will need more context:
<string name="lt_ibm_description">Created with <names></string>
<string name="lt_qwerty_description">Created with <names></string>
<string name="lt_dictionary_description">Created with herrlado</string>

Do you mean "created by someone" or "created using some tools"?
Jun 15, 2010
It's a bit hard out of context, but should be something like:

   <string name="app_name">AnySoftKeyboard - Lietuvių kalbos paketas</string>
   <string name="lt_keyboard">Lietuvių</string>
   <string name="lt_ibm">Lietuvių IBM</string>
   <string name="dictionary">Žodynas</string>
   <string name="lt_ibm_description">Sukūrė <names></string>
   <string name="lt_qwerty_description">Sukūrė <names></string>
   <string name="lt_dictionary_description">Sukūrė herrlado</string>

We can correct it later if it doesn't make sense in the app.

Maybe wait for a confirmation from linasj.
Jun 15, 2010
Re layouts. I personally use Lithuanian1 layout on PC, but come to conclusion that for the OnScreen keyboard, IBM layout is better -- it have just 3 lines instead of 4. Therefore [if squezed horizontally a little] it saves space vertically a lot. On devices without huge screens it is important.

Also, please note that on Lit1 layout there are „ and “ quotes on 9 and 0 respectively. I have added “ to the punctuation in the patch submitted before. The long bar ― was added too (because - is on popup meniu, therefore adding two minuses would be cumbersome to enter, and long bar is required for proper puntuation). Would be good if you could include these additions into new patch/module. Thank you.
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #26
I'll make the initial simple layout at first and then we can discuss about it.
Of caurse it should not be problem to make some changes in the layout, as you like it.
For Lithuanian I'm going to make the both Layouts.

Please note, we supprot now double tap.
Would you like to see in Lithuanian/Latvian layout
Jun 15, 2010
I don't think double-tap will work on Lithuanian keyboard as we have more than one character on a single letter. For example E would also have Ę and Ė, so which character would come-up when double-tapping? Same with U (Ų & Ū).
Jun 15, 2010
Re double tap -- in lithuanian language letters with accents are much more common in comparison to two identical letters one after another. Therefore I think that it is safe to use double tap. On the other hand, for E-Ę-Ė and U-Ų-Ū triple-tap would be handy. Also, double tap would make no sense, if letters from Latin2 codepage (ÁÄÆ, etc) would take precedence over ones used in lithuanian language (Ą).
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #29
No, we can configure which would you like to have inserted on double tap
and which characters should popup. Popup characters can include also "double tap" characters.

Jun 15, 2010
+1 for double tap feature.

According to a small research analysing a few Wikipedia articles, Ų occurs more frequently than Ū and Ė is much more frequently used than Ę. So Ų and Ė should be inserted on double tap, unless someone disagrees. Popups should definitely include those chars, too.

Source: google "raidžių dažnis lietuvių kalboje"
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #31
How do you enter the accent letters on the pc/mac keyboard?
I've startet latvian layout now, enbaled it on my Linux machine, but I can not enter any accent letters.
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #32

I mean created by
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #33
We can parse latvian and lithuanian wikipedias to get words. are there enaugh articles?
Jun 15, 2010

In that case translation by KPocius makes sense:
<string name="lt_ibm_description">Sukūrė <names></string>
<string name="lt_qwerty_description">Sukūrė <names></string>
<string name="lt_dictionary_description">Sukūrė herrlado</string>

Lithuanian wikipedia has 108762 articles. I think that should be enough.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #35
Hier ist the list of latvian created from latvian wikipedia.
But there are some russion and other terms. Could somebody clean up thie file.
Later I'll provide the list for Lithuanian. This need quit a lot of cpu power  :)
1.1 MB   View   Download
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #36
This lv.xml was generated automaticaly. Please tell me if this file is ok.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #37
(No comment was entered for this change.)
1.1 MB   View   Download
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #38
It's not perfect There are a lot of other words inside.
Jun 16, 2010
A lot of non-Lithuanian words. Can't you parse language files included with Firefox and Chrome? They are both open source, I just haven't checked the licensing compatibility.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #40
Sure, we can parse this, but we need the frequency info :(
So the commonly used words should be shown first. But I'll check, if I can parse the wikipedia stuff in e better way. This was just simple way :)
Jun 16, 2010
What about using ispell for a word list, and then applying wikipedia frequency info, ignoring words not found in ispell?

Jun 16, 2010
#44 lt_LT.dic is easily parseable.
Jun 16, 2010
I can try making a single list of words later tonight from this

Or maybe someone has some time to do it now?
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #46

ok this might work. I'l check this.
Jun 16, 2010
To Lithuanian speakers: what about this one

The zip file linked from that page has the main form of the word, the inclined form of a word and the frequency of that particular form in there.

I'm pretty sure this is what we are looking for.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #48
For my language(Georgian) I'm fetching now some literary webpage (

for((i=5116; i<9100; ++i)); do sleep 4s; wget$i; done;

For example for russiona there is
Maybe something like this for Lithuanian?
Jun 16, 2010
I think linasj has just hit a jackpot :) That's the one wee need to use.

Also, I'm pretty sure we can separate Latvian keyboard from this ticket as it's turning to be a big project on it's own.

Jun 16, 2010
Important note:

Lithuanian (IBM) is *NOT* "the correct" layout to implement. It was accepted as a standard in early 1990's, but because the layout was defective (no Q, W or X in the keyboard!), it quickly lost to Lithuanian Numeric (which was known as Lithuanian Baltic as back then).

The Lithuanian (IBM) standard was deprecated in year 2000 and replaced by a slightly different one. I'm not on Linux right now, but you can find the layout there. I think it's called Lithuanian Standard. You can find more info about it at
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #51
aha ok. so ibm can be dropped?

Hier What is "Lithuanian Standard" on the Linux

37.4 KB   View   Download
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #52
So go for Standard? 
Jun 16, 2010
Yes, definitely.

It's name in Lithuanian would be "Lietuvių (standartinė)" or "Lietuvių (standartinis)"

I'm giving two names, because they depend on context, and since I'm not using Android, I'll pass the exact choice to others, since it depends on whether we're talking about keyboard (klaviatūra – feminine) or the layout (klaviatūros išdėstymas – masculine).

Jun 16, 2010
Since Linux keyboard has lots of garbage in third and fourth levels, I'm attaching the image taken from the actual standard.
9.1 KB   View   Download
Jun 16, 2010
What kind of data do you need for T9 input?
The source linasj has found I think is really solid and authoritative. I could try to filter and transform/transcode it if needed. Would it be sufficient to have a UTF-8 encoded text file having the following structure:


Jun 16, 2010
Please do not use the standard layout, or at least give us choice. I prefer to use qwerty with LT letters on long hold or doubletap.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #58
No problem. We can add both. Would you like to see [^Lithuanian1.png]  too?
Yes you can use tab as separator. Then I can convert it easylly to the xml format!
Jun 16, 2010
Lithuanian1.png layour would also work very nice, with numbers on doubletap.
Jun 16, 2010
I agree that keyboard where latin characters are replaced with Lithuanian ones on double-tap or long-click as detailed here makes most sense for on-screen keyboard.
Jun 16, 2010
@rytis.s: I use Numeric layout myself, and am happy. :) My intention was to only replace IBM layout with the Standard one, not both.
Jun 16, 2010
While we're at it: I also have doubts about whether there's any need for two layouts. I think one would suffice, at least for the vast majority of users.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #63
OK Guys I must decide abotu it, which layout btw. how many layouts ;)
For me is this no problem ;)
Jun 16, 2010
Attaching Lithuanian wordlist
It's tab separated UTF-8 encoded file (with UNIX line endings). First field: number of occurrences, second field: word form.
I dropped two columns from the initial file (base word and language part), but if needed, I could attach it here too, converted to UTF-8 with UNIX line endings.
488 KB   Download
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #65

What are these words
1        1985-ieji
1        1983-ųjų
1        1981-asiais
1        1980-aisiais
1        1975-ųjų
1        1975-aisiais
1        1974-aisiais
1        1973-ųjų
1        1973-aisiais
1        1972-aisiais
1        1970-ųjų
1        1969-ųjų
1        1967-ųjų
1        1967-ieji
1        1966-ieji
1        1962-aisiais
1        1958-aisiais
1        1953-aisiais
1        1951-uosius
1        1951-ieji
1        1948-jų
1        1948-1961-ųjų
1        1947-aisiais
1        1945-aisiais
1        1944-ųjų
1        1944-aisiais
1        1941-aisiais
1        1937-1940-aisiais
1        1933-aisiais
1        1930-aisiais
1        1927-aisiais
1        19-21-erių
1        1920-ųjų
1        1919-aisiais
1        1910-aisiais

Need them?
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #66
We should remove words which start with number, should not we?
Jun 16, 2010
Drop them.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #68
OK, so here we go. Could you check this xml file?
2.9 MB   View   Download
Jun 16, 2010
There are several very short suggestions like <w f="244">f.</w> which I don't feel are very useful for suggestion (I don't even have an idea what "f." could mean...). Maybe drop "one letter and a dot" words from the list. Apart from that the list seems very nice.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #70
OK ich check each wrod must be contain at least one letter and the word which contain
non letters will be checked, as I print them on the screen!
Jun 16, 2010
I can't open the attachment - I keep getting error 500.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #72
Here are word that are at least with 2 characters and not all characters are letters.

Can you check this?

8.8 KB   View   Download
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #73
Shoud I email it?

Jun 16, 2010
Doh, apparently only the View link doesn't work, but Download does.

herrlado: I think we may want to review all words that have anything but upper/lower letters a-ząčęėįšųūž, and drop or take them in on case-by-case basis. Is it possible to split the dictionary into two?

Also, I think single-letter words are useless for us, and could be dropped, right? Or have you done that already?
Jun 16, 2010
I think we can drop all words with spaces (as all of them would be available separately), also drop all words with an apostrophe, as they seem to be not much used lithuanized international proper nouns. Abbreviations might be useful, but it's just a few keystrokes anyway and they might take up more useful word place in suggestions, so my vote is to drop all of the words listed in hmm_wrods.txt
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #76
Here my code -> 
public class CSV2BinaryXML {
    public static boolean isAlpha(String str) {
        if (str == null) {
            return false;
        int sz = str.length();
        for (int i = 0; i < sz; i++) {
            if (Character.isLetter(str.charAt(i)) == false) {
                return false;
        return true;
    public static final void main(String[] args) {
        try {
            LineNumberReader lis = new LineNumberReader(new FileReader(new File(
            String line = null;
            FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(new File("lt_dict.xml"));
            fos.write("<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" ?>\n".getBytes());
            while ((line = lis.readLine()) != null) {
                String[] pair = line.split("\t");
                String w = pair[1];
                w = w.trim();
                if (w.length() == 1 || Character.isDigit(w.charAt(0))){
                if(w.length() == 2){
                    if(Character.isLetter(w.charAt(1)) == false){
                if(isAlpha(w) == false){
                int f = 1;
                f = Integer.valueOf(pair[0].trim());
                fos.write(("<w f=\"" + f + "\">" + w.trim() + "</w>\n").getBytes());
        } catch (Exception ex) {

Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #77
we drop single char words,
words, beginning with a number.
words that are of length 2 and the second char is not a letter.

if then the word is not consists of Letters, it is put tu hmm_words.

Jun 16, 2010
OK. Now, do words with spaces make any sense from the technology point of view? hmm_words contains lots of "words" like that.

Also, it looks like there are 1455 identically written words in the list. I'm positive we should sum them up if possible.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #79
Cauese I do not speek Lithuanian, I can not help you a much.
Maybe somebody can make a restrictiver "filter". If you have ideas, I can code this.
Jun 16, 2010
@herrlado: drop all:
* with spaces
* more than one dash
* apostrophe
* a dash separating only one letter (like in a-aišku)

I think it will drop all hmm words :)
Jun 16, 2010
here's what I meant:
rq@sonata:~/zod$ wc -l Lithuanian.txt
128058 Lithuanian.txt
rq@sonata:~/zod$ cut -f2 Lithuanian.txt | sort -u |wc -l

This means we had 1455 duplicated word forms in the file I attached. We should consolidate them and sum up such occurrences if possible.

Regarding spaces: whatever, just ignore that part. :)

I will soon attach a file with words that I specifically suggest to drop.

Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #83
ok cool.
Jun 16, 2010
I agree with Rytis (except I guess he meant periods, not dashes in his second point).

Furthermore, I actually think it's probably OK to drop ALL words from hmm-words with a few exceptions below because:
* after all words he suggested are eliminated, there isn't much left 
* all of the remaining words with dashes suck
* all of the remaining words with numbers suck
* all of the remaining words with periods are abbreviations that are either very rarely used, or are simply cut forms of the respective words in which case I suspect having them is pointless (if not, somebody would still have to go through all of them one-by-one).

The only exceptions I think worth leaving are these:


Jun 16, 2010
I meant dashes (e.g. ech-ch-ch).

I agree with #84, just adding a few words that should be left in the list:

g. (found a one-letter dotted word that has a quite common use :) )
Jun 16, 2010
Regarding (number of) keyboard layouts: I personally always prefer to blend in with the ecosystem. 

If it's common for Android (or for this app) to have keyboard layouts that output an accented letter on double/tripple click of a key, then it's fine, and that scheme should be the default (i.e. QWERTY with ACEISUZ keys producing accented letters ĄČĘĖĮŠŲŪŽ).

Other layouts are optional in that case. However, if we decide to add the Standard layout as a choice, then I think we may want to add Numeric layout too, making a total of three layouts. However, this opinion isn't a strong one. I wonder what others think about it.
Jun 16, 2010
@85: "skg." slipped through my eyes, but I removed all others deliberately, because like I said, they are just shortened forms of full words, and I suspect you would need more than one keystroke to get to them anyway. Furthermore, I think the first two should have a space after first period to be grammatically correct. That's why I only left those abbreviations that don't constitute an exact beginning of a word and are used in everyday life.

Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #88
Can someone write a small resume, whicht words to exclude from hmm_words?

Jun 16, 2010
Well, drop all words from hmm_words except:

Note: skg wasn't in the list, so just add it with a frequency of 1
Jun 16, 2010
Also, frequencies of "t.y.", "t. y.", and "t.y" should be summed up before dropping the latter two.

(sorry for my horrible style of submitting more than one comment in a row. It's just the pace of this discussion is really rapid.)
Jun 17, 2010
I've noticed that the colors used for Lithuanian flag are slightly incorrect.

Correct ones are:

YELLOW: rgb(253,185,19)
GREEN: rgb(0,106,68)
PURPLE: rgb(193,39,45)

Please use these colors for the icon for Lithuanian layout (you can of course add the effect as you did previously).
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #92
As I'am not a "guru" of painting, I've catched this images somwhere in web.
Perhaps you coul provide me the flag icon? 24x24 pixel is optimal!
Jun 17, 2010
Attached are two files, one 24x24, another one with correct official aspect ratio of the flag, 24x15.
1.0 KB   View   Download
994 bytes   View   Download
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #94
here i've seen, there is no 'w' and 'q' in lithuanian.
But the standard layout offers it.

Here is "my" standard Layout


Please check this!
Jun 17, 2010
There's also X in the top row (on the += button). QWX are base latin letters, and while they're only used in foreign words, they are needed. Every latin-based keyboard layout has them. Just think about it: you wouldn't even be able to browse web normally without a W on the keyboard. ;)
Jun 17, 2010
It is not useful in the age of internet where it is not possible to easily enter web addresses using this layout. This is the one that is used every day (of course, punctuation can be dropped, as well as the top row as long hold key is more than sufficient):

Jun 17, 2010
I don't mind dropping the Standard layout. Like I said, I only brought it up because I saw IBM layout being brought up, which is inferior and deprecated in favor of this one.

Only a tiny fraction of PC users use the Standard layout, and its qualities (authors claim it's ergonomically better) are even less relevant on small devices like smartphones.
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #98
Is this some official layout? 
ok, so i'll add the 4th top row for standard as shown on the picture attached by you?
Jun 17, 2010
herrlado, let's not add the Standard nor IBM layouts until you have at least one feature request for it. ;) Let's go with only one optimized layout for now.
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #100
ok as you wish. So what is the one optimized layout, you lithuanian guys wish? :)

Just put 3 or 4 row, then I'll attach a testversion and you can test this.
Jun 17, 2010
herrlado: what Rytis showed is basically Lithuanian1.png. On Linux it's improved slightly by changing 9 and 0 to „ and “. It's the de-facto standard in Lithuania, even though not officially approved or endorsed.
Jun 17, 2010
The optimal layout was described in comment 18. Thus I suggest going with 3 rows. I won't comment about whether a double/tripple tap or a long tap should be used to get accented letters.
Jun 17, 2010
It's default Lithuanian keyboard available on Windows.

Attached is the photo of a keyboard that has Lithuanian letters physically printed on it and can be considered canonical as all that are sold in Lithuania has the same layout (note that it also has Cyrilic keys below Latin keys that are not relevant for this discussion).
1.4 MB   View   Download
Jun 17, 2010
I agree, use the layout from #18.
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #105

I think this here we have too much keys in a row. It will be hard to enter them quickly.
 We also nee 3 Rows alternative for the Hardware keyboard (Milestone, G1, and others comming soon)

Jun 17, 2010
Just make it something like this:

ROW1: qw[eęė]rty[uųū][iį]op
ROW2: [aą][sš]dfghjkl
ROW3: [zž]x[cč]vbnm

letters in brackets should be available on the same button.

If you would attach a screenshot of current English layout, I could probably make further suggestions. :)
Jun 17, 2010
Use this:


A would pop-out to Ą(ą)
C would pop-out to Č(č)
E would pop-out to Ę(ę) and Ė(ė)
I would pop-out to Į(į)
S to Š(š)
U to Ų(ų) and Ū(ū)
Z to Ž(ž)
(as noted by linasj in #18)

Also use doubletap to get Lithuanian letters (u doubletaps to ų, e doubletaps to ė)
Jun 17, 2010
correction: e doubletaps to ę, and trippletaps to ė
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #110
Here we go. This version is without the wordlist. It comes today evening :)

You must have the latest testers version of AnySoftKeyboard.

Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #111
(No comment was entered for this change.)
12.6 KB   Download
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #112
And here for Latvian.
We still need Latvian Word List!

12.8 KB   Download
Jun 17, 2010
Seems to be working as expected. Will test more extensively when I'm not at work :)
Jun 17, 2010
@herrlado: Latvian is irrelevant to this bug and should be split into separate one.

Can you attach a screenshot of the Lithuanian keyboard?
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #116
The Market release is very old.
Pleasae try this

Even it could be old :) But give a try!
Jun 17, 2010
Some characters are missing. There's no ė, or ū. Also ų and į does not appear on pop-up even though it works on double-tap.
Jun 17, 2010
Doubletap works correctly, popup chars are not correct.
Jun 17, 2010
Here's a screenshot of keyboard in action
95.8 KB   View   Download
Jun 17, 2010
I think we can remove majority of pop-up characters that are irrelevant to Lithuanians.
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #121
Yes, this version of AnySoftKeyboard has a bug with popup characters.
In the lates head ist this bug fixed! We should wait till the Menny releases the next testers version! I'll write the E-Mail!
Jun 17, 2010
Also, can we change apostrophe ' to double quote "?
Jun 17, 2010
To KPocius (#120): I don't think we absolutely have to remove all irrelevant characters. The point is for Lithuanian ones to be first in line. After these, all others could follow, why not?
Jun 17, 2010
Because the likelihood of using them is very low and at the same time it increases the chance of hitting the wrong key.
Jun 17, 2010
I agree, we should only leave Lithuanian characters and symbols like € in popups.
Jun 17, 2010
herrlado: is it possible to change .com buttton to .lt?
KPocius, rytis.s: do you think it would make sense?
Jun 17, 2010
I think .com should still be the main, but .lt should be in the popup list, and .gov/.edu can go away.
Jun 17, 2010
Oh, I didn't see the popup. However, I still think .lt should be the default, with .com, .eu, .net and .org in the popup.
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #129
No problem with domain name .lt.
Collect your issues and I'll add them.
€ is now added to popups (locally).

Can somebody test the hardwarekeyboard?

Jun 17, 2010
Emulated hw keyboard seems to work for me.
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #131

fine. Works fine in my milestone too.
Jun 17, 2010
It's a little unexpected that tapping e four times enters ėe instead of cycling from ė back to e. 

But this is a separate design decision to take and is worth a separate bug, I guess?
Jun 17, 2010
@rq: cycles fine for me.
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #134
@rq: cycles fine for me too.

But generally we have a bug entering "tapping" in the google search field. But I'm on the problem.

btw, the latest testers version is online

Now the Popups should work propertlu. Euro Sign comes today evening.
Jun 17, 2010
Also, I think we may want to use something like "QWERTY Lithuanian keyboard" as a description for this layout instead of "Created with rytis.s, KPocius, linasj,, herrlado". I like credit, but that place just doesn't seem right.
Jun 17, 2010
Re cycling: it cycles perfectly as long as I use my mouse to click, but when I start using physical keyboard, it doesn't cycle.
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #137
@rq, ok I'll change this. 
How to say "QWERTY Lithuanian keyboard" in Lithuanian?

And yes, on the hw keyboard it does not cycle, you are right. Please open an issue.
This is not related to this thema.
Jun 17, 2010
let's call it "Lietuviškas QWERTY išdėstymas"

popup bugs i've found already:
e lacks €
u lacks 7
a has many irrelevant letters in the popup, with ą only being the last
d,g,h,j,l,n have popups with irrelevant letters

Also, I'm very much in favor of consistency between layouts. If we're adding numbers to the top row, then I suggest they should be added to all layouts, not just ours. 

Similarly, if other layouts have not-so-relevant letters in the popups, I suggest we have them too, because they make entering foreign words easier, and I don't think people using touchscreens are hitting wrong keys often. If they did, they'd just stop using the touchscreen.
Jun 17, 2010
The hw keyboard bug is now Issue #420.
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #140
Please vote for Comment 138 Suggestions.

Euro Sign is already fixed localy.
Yes or No Numbers on top row popups.
Yes or No all possible characters for each possible letter.

Jun 17, 2010
Yes or No Numbers on top row popups. - Yes
Yes or No all possible characters for each possible letter. - No
Jun 17, 2010
The main suggestion in Comment 138 is to be consistent. I don't think it makes sense to assume that Lithuanians type numbers more often than, say, Poles or Slovaks or Turkish people. Same goes for other characters: it's kinda weird that I can type more accented characters using default US layout than Lithuanian.
Jun 17, 2010
If we had a possibility to type all accented chars, there would be no reason for LT layout at all. I strongly believe that all we should have on the keyboard are keys relevant to the country. I don't feel that strongly about numbers. They could be considered a case of consistency, but not accented chars.
Jun 17, 2010
OK, fair enough... :)
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #145
To insert .lt as defautl domain, it must be configured in the settings.
.com ist a picture/label and is integrated in the main app.

Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #147
ok now we have 
lado@genlap ~/development/android/workspace/LithuanianDictionary $ wc -l Lithuanian3.txt 
126603 Lithuanian3.txt

as I sorted it and then summed the same words together. (comment 82)
1.5 MB   View   Download
Jun 17, 2010
Project Member #148
So test this please.

At this moment there is no way to disable default accent letters, which are not a part of lithuanian(-> n) But we disscuss this under developers, so that it will be fixed soon.

1.4 MB   Download
Jun 18, 2010
Cool, we have suggestions! :) Though some problems still remain.

I discovered  a new problem, which is now Issue #424.
Jun 18, 2010
Project Member #150
I've also created the georgian dictionary yesterday and I found this problem too :(

Jun 18, 2010
Well, I'm sure it will be fixed. ;)

Would you please attach the xml file you used for the dictionary? I think we may want to have it published somewhere for other cellphone vendors to use.
Jun 18, 2010
Project Member #152
-> Lithuanian3.txt

for xml version

for binary format


I've put this link as source for the dictionary in the Language Pack Description.
Am I correct?

Jun 18, 2010
Yep, correct.

I think we may want to ask the copyright owners of the dictionary for clarification about its license and what permissions to distribute it we actually have. Shall I write them?
Jun 18, 2010
Project Member #154
yes please. That would be nice.
Jun 18, 2010
Email sent. I cc'ed kpocius. Waiting for an answer now.
Jun 18, 2010
Got the response. We can use it as long as we attribute them properly and the product is not commercial, which this keyboard isn't. Is it?
Jun 18, 2010
Project Member #157
The project is not commercial, but apache licence allows to take this project and build own software on it, which can be commercial. But I can licence Lithuanian Languaga Pack with GNU Licence in this way.
Jun 18, 2010
Actually, I don't think the author is strictly against commercial usage. He just said what the usual practices are. I'll try to clarify and solve this issue with him. As for now, if we can add a restrictive LICENSE file to the dictionary, that would probably do as a temprorary solution.
Jun 18, 2010
The contents of the temporary license file could probably be as follows:

The dictionary source data is Copyright © 2009 Andrius Utka and is used with author's permission. The author for permission to reuse the dictionary outside this project.

Utka A. 2009. Dažninis rašytinės lietuvių kalbos žodynas: 1 milijono žodžių morfologiškai anotuoto tekstyno pagrindu. Elektroninis leidinys. Kaunas: VDU leidykla. Elektroninė prieiga:
Jun 18, 2010
Doh, the second sentence should read "Contact the author for permission to reuse the dictionary outside this project."

We may want to change "this project" to the actual project name.

Disclaimer: I AM NOT A LAWYER. :)
Jun 18, 2010
As first submitter I'm pleased to see such active development :-). Issue was dead a week ago and now we have almost everything. @herrlado, you are doing great job!

Is there any way we could remove Latvian keyboard part from the subject (or move to the different issue)? As I said in my first post - I have no idea which layout they use so it's better to leave it for those who know. 

Regarding world-list. I got similar one from VDU KLC last year for this project. Author asked to put reference to VDU KLC and use for non-commercial needs only. I think GNU (FDL) license should suit.

Regarding layout. I've chosen IBM (old) layout 'cos it suites best from my point of view. After 40+ minutes talk on the phone with @RQ I have some doubts so I would like to ask @herrlado to hold on deployment of final version to the Market for several days. I would like to play with all three layouts this weekend and I hope your current SC is in SVN already. 
Jun 18, 2010
Project Member #162
Latvina sure can be remove to separate issue. The layout ist already done. We need wordlist for latvian.

Regarding to the several layoyt. At this moment there is only qwerty layout in der repository, but it is no problem to generate addition ones.

Jun 18, 2010
If Latvian layout is done - let's leave as is. I'll check it also. As I'm not sure if we find such good source as in Lithuanian case so (I think) we should take Firefox/OO/ispell dictionary and build wordlist with the frequency = 1 for all words. That would be OK for a while. Or we can release Latvian layout without world list.

Lithuanian layouts: The main question is - do we need additional ones. 
Jun 18, 2010
I suggest to leave Latvian without a dictionary until a good source is found. using ispell to generate one would be way too suboptimal.

During our conversation with @kaitaragis on the phone, I think we came upon a conclusion, that if Android is ever to be used on tablets (i.e. devices with larger screens than those of cellphones), we would certainly need more Lithuanian layouts to make typing more comfortable (at least Numeric/lithuanian1.png and Standard would be needed). But I'm not quite sure how relevant that is to this particular bug.
Jun 18, 2010
Project Member #165
Sure no problem to implement any other layouts for Lithuanian.

As soon es the latest AnySoftKeyboard version in on the market, I will put Lithuanian and Latvian to the market too. Otherway it would not work.

Which Licence file should I put to the source code?

Jun 21, 2010
I've made small patch for both Lithuanian and Latvian keyboards (some labels or letters missing). Please apply them. Everything seems working fine on v2.2 emulator. I'll make build and test on Hero (v1.5) later today.
3.0 KB   Download
Jun 22, 2010
Multi-touch zoom doesn't work in built-in browser and in opera too.
Jun 22, 2010
Project Member #169
your patch is done not via eclipse? diff?
Jun 23, 2010
@acidas, I bet you use HTC Desire. That multi-touch problem is not due to this keyboard. Try and 3rd party keyboard and multi-touch won't work.
Jun 23, 2010
Yes, I'm using Desire. Tried now to disable AnySoftKeyboard and multitouch works then. As far as I remember multitouch works with official version (older one in market) which doesn't support Lithuanian language pack. Tried now to disable lithuanian language pack with 20100617 version, multitouch still doesn't work. So the issue is with 20100617 version.
Jun 23, 2010
Well, I'm still pretty sure it's the bug in Sense UI, but this issue is not for that, so how about filing another bug? ;)
Jun 23, 2010
Then why this bug isn't when I disable AnySoftKeyboard? A, Karoli? :)
Jun 23, 2010
Acidai, this issue is about LITHUANIAN layout specifically, not about AnySoftKeyboard in general.
Jun 23, 2010
Yes, it's diff. Do you know how to use patch? Or if you can tell me how to make patch using Eclipse - I can submit a new one. 

Jun 23, 2010
Project Member #176
Yes I know hot to use diff/patch :)

Jun 23, 2010
Project Member #177
(No comment was entered for this change.)
1.4 MB   Download
12.9 KB   Download
Jun 23, 2010
One more thing. We should remove numbers (1,2,3...) from QWERTY line in Latvian keyboard. I don't see any numbers on other keyboards.
Jun 23, 2010
Project Member #179

Lithuanian ok?
Jul 15, 2010
Project Member #180
Latvian with no numbers is in the download liste now. As soon as this release is on the market, i throw these Language packs in to the market too.

Can we set thie issue as resolved now?
Status: HaveSolution
Jul 19, 2010

I think both Latvian and Lithuanian is OK TO GO. At least source code looks good. 
There is one issue with quotation marks but we can fix it later. I need to check it more precisely.

Two more questions:
a) license type for dictionary. Have you added @RQ solution?
b) .com button should have ".lt" and ".lv" included respectively.

Jul 19, 2010
You can get Lithuanian quotation marks by long pressing the '

.com can be changed to .lt in the settings.
Jul 19, 2010
Project Member #183
What do u mean with @RQ solution?

Please provide some Licence Text I can put with the dictionary.

Please see how it is made
Jul 22, 2010
The author has not yet decided which license to use. I remind him time-to-time, and he has this on his to-do list, but it's not done yet.

I suggested temporary restrictive license text in comments #159 and #160. Here it is:

Lithuanian dictionary source data is Copyright © 2009 Andrius Utka and is used with author's permission. Contact the author for permission to reuse the dictionary outside this project.

Utka A. 2009. Dažninis rašytinės lietuvių kalbos žodynas: 1 milijono žodžių morfologiškai anotuoto tekstyno pagrindu. Elektroninis leidinys. Kaunas: VDU leidykla. Elektroninė prieiga:

We may want to change "this project" to the actual project name.

Disclaimer: I AM STILL NOT A LAWYER. :)
Jul 22, 2010
Project Member #185
OK, now committed.
Aug 13, 2010
Ačiū visiems prisidėjusiems tautiečiams už nuostabų produktą.  Keista, kad LT paketo nėra Markete. Nustebau, kad net lietuviškas kabutes bandyta įtraukti. Norėčiau, kad pataisytumėte uždaromąsias kabutes. Jos turi būti kaip du šešetukai, o ne devynetukai, kaip atidaromosios, t.y. 99...66 - kitas simbolio kodas. Dar įdomu, kaip įtraukti į žodyną naujų žodžių? Ar bus tokia galimybė? Sėkmės, laukiu komentaro.
Aug 13, 2010
I think we should stick to English as the developers don't speak Lithuanian ;)

Not sure what you mean about Lithuanian quotation marks - they are fine: „ and “

I believe LT pack will soon be publish to the Market - not sure why it isn't yet. Probably because they're still figuring out licensing question with the creator of word list.

As for the word list itself - words can be added easily. What do you miss there?
Aug 13, 2010
Launch please LT keyboard and try ending quotation mark under ' button. It is ” - as 99. I talk about shape. However it must be 66 - it's a regulation. I don't know exact code. Say me please, how to add words to dictionary? 
Aug 13, 2010
I you long-press " you'll get proper „“

As for the dictionary, download the latest version you can find in this thread, add the words and resubmit it.
Aug 13, 2010
The long press of " does nothing. Long press of ' gives „”. Copy them and paste to MS Word. You will see what I am talking about. Yes, quotation marks in YOUR replies are right. I guess you write on PC keyboard.
About adding words to dictionary I mean adding as in T9.
Aug 13, 2010
Project Member #191
Hehe, just forgot to publish. I'll do it soon. I'll check the problems, mentioned here, too.

Aug 17, 2010
Project Member #192
The issue with bottom row is not layout related. It is provided by AnySoftKeyboard.
Aug 17, 2010
Project Member #193
ok, we are on the market. Thank you!

We still need latvian word list ...
Aug 28, 2010
Project Member #194
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Status: Fixed
Nov 4, 2010
What's  new in today's  LT keyboard update?
Nov 4, 2010
Project Member #196
The shift key width was changed.
Oct 3, 2011
Hi, i found a problem. Latvian for Anysoft should work for aperfect keyboard too, but it doesnt. I don't know why, every other language does work.
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