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Snappy is an X11 clone of WinSplit Revolution. It allows for manual tiling of windows using global hotkeys. It should work for any window manager that implements NetWM.

Once launched, the process will attach to the global hotkeys Ctrl+LeftAlt+<keypad number>. Pressing any of these hotkeys will cause the window with focus to be moved and resized, tiling it within a virtual 2x3 or 2x2 grid. Pressing the hotkey repeatedly cycles through the various layout options for each position.

The position of the button on the numeric keypad corresponds directly to the position the window will take on screen.


  1. Download the source code here.
  2. From a terminal, extract the archive: tar -zxvf snappy-0.0.1.src.tar.gz
  3. Assuming a reasonably standard Linux distribution, the included Makefile should be sufficient. In this case, it should build by simply running: cd snappy-0.0.1; make. If not, you'll need to delve into the Makefile.
  4. Copy the file to some bin directory (for example, /usr/local/bin).
  5. Add it to some startup script for your window manager, ensuring it gets launched automatically every time you start the window manager.
  6. Start hitting Ctrl+LeftAlt+<keypad number> and see what happens!
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