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Update: Code moved to MediaWiki repositories!

Since September 18, 2010, this is no longer the main repository for RDFIO. Instead, you can find it in the MediaWiki repositories here:

The repository here at Google code will be kept here for reference (until further notice), but all updates will be added to the MediaWiki repository, so please use that instead.

See the RDFIO Extension page for info on how to download/check out the code from there.

What is this?

This is an extension to Semantic MediaWiki that provides extended RDF import / export and (possibly) other I/O RDF based interfaces for Semantic MediaWiki.

The extension is developed as part of a Google Summer of Code 2010 project

Caution! This code is in active development, and not ready for production use!

  • Things can change very quickly
  • Use it on your own risk
  • Testers are much welcome though! Please file any bugs or other issues in the issue tracking system here on this site.

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