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SlimDX is a free open source framework that enables developers to easily build DirectX applications using .NET technologies such as C#, VB.NET, and IronPython. It is designed to be an efficient, simple, and lean wrapper that fully encompasses all of Microsoft's gaming and multimedia technologies and exposes them to managed code. All of the code is under the MIT/X11 license, and all content is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

Please note that while SlimDX is similar to Managed DirectX, it is NOT intended to be the same API. More information, as well as documentation and other support, can be found at our homepage at

SlimDX currently supports:

  • Direct3D 9
  • Direct3D 9 Ex
  • Direct3D 10
  • Direct3D 10.1
  • Direct3D 11
  • D3DCompiler
  • DXGI
  • DXGI 1.1
  • DirectInput 8
  • DirectSound 8
  • XInput
  • RawInput
  • XAudio2
  • X3DAudio
  • XAPO
  • XACT3
  • Direct2D
  • DirectWrite
  • An extensive math library
  • Various pieces of Windows Multimedia

In addition, check out these other loosely related projects:

  • SlimTune - Free and open source profiler for .NET.
  • SlimGen - Experimental ASM injection software for .NET assemblies.
  • SlimBuffer - Unmanaged memory buffer component.
  • SlimMath - Completely managed 3D vector math library.

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