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Single Knob Filter VST

Are you a laptop DJ? Do you love the filter on the Pioneer DJM-800 mixer? Then this plugin is for you! SKF, as the name implies, is a low-pass / high-pass filter controlled by a single knob. Besides the obvious economy in knob assignment real-estate (come on, not everyone has a Drehbank!), it's perfect for filtersweeps that make everybody on the floor put their hands in the air... you know, like they just don't care.


SKF is a standard VST effect that comes in a single DLL, so all you have to do is unzip and copy the DLL to your VST plugins folder (nine times out of ten it's Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins).

The other files in the zip are the source code in Syhthedit format (not needed for the plugin's operation).

SKF is currently Windows-only (yeah, bummer).


Drop the SKF on any channel of your favourite DAW. Turn the filter knob to the left for low-pass filtering and to the right for high-pass. Want to give it more edge? Turn up the resonance knob. Simple as that.


SKF is FREE and OPEN-SOURCE, released under the General Public License 2.0. The Synthedit source file is included for you to study it, improve it and share it. If you release a version of your own, you'll also need to include the source file. See the COPYING.TXT file for more information.


Version 0.9

  • First public release


SKF is Powered by Synthedit.

02/jan/2007 Fabio FZero

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