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Manual installation instructions for beta-test version.
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Updated Feb 4, 2010 by

Manual Installation

You can install manually an application on iphone 2.x if you have an ad-hoc distribution. This kind of distribution are used for beta-test, evaluation...

To install Siphon on iphone, you need to follow the steps :

  • uncompress
  • drag and drop directory and .mobileprovision file in Library of iTunes (left column of iTunes).
    • in Applications item you should be look Siphon.
  • select your device (devices in left column)
  • select Applications tab
  • check Synchronize Applications
  • select application to install: Siphon
  • Synchronize

UDID of iPhone or iPod Touch

If you want to used an Ad-Hoc distribution developers need the device ID of your iPhone or iPod Touch. This ID allows to sign application for your device.

There are several ways to get this information. The simplest is iTunes. iTunes displays the Identifier if you click on "Serial Number" (summary tab) after selecting the device in the source list.

Pressing Cmd+C (mac) or Ctrl+C (win) will copy the 40 characters hex string to the clipboard.

You just need to paste to get the device ID.

Comment by, Sep 23, 2008

Thanks for the information. Some problems though. I don't see a file for the 2.x version on the google code site.

What I really want to do is, take the source for Siphon 2.x and compile it with the 2.1 iPhone SDK in order to distribute it via ad-hoc distribution under my Standard Developer license. Is this possible?

I have done the svn checkout of the source and attempted to compile with xCode with no luck. I was able to get the simulator to start but then I get an error 'unhandled exception'.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm very interested in this app and an experience programmer that could help with the Beta Testing.

Comment by project member, Sep 27, 2008

For the moment, I don't upload the code of siphon for iphone 2.x. But there are several beta testers.

If you are a company, you can contact me to buy the software.

Comment by, Oct 6, 2008

Please contact me at how much are you selling the app for?

Comment by, Oct 8, 2008

Are you releasing any beta versions to the public through this site? The iphone community needs a straight up sip phone :)

Comment by project member, Oct 8, 2008

The beta version just exists by Ad-hoc distribution. Because iPhone OS wants signed app.

Comment by, Oct 8, 2008

How do I access this distribution? the old I assume is the 1.X.Y repo. Is there a 2.X repo? Otherwise are you able to provide it directly to

Comment by, Oct 10, 2008

Do you plan on releasing the app in the app store? soon? Do you need more beta testers? I have an Asterisk PBX to test with...

Comment by, Oct 10, 2008

please release it..let everybody try it and be happy..

Comment by, Oct 11, 2008

Can we get an update on the progress of Siphon working on 2.0?

Comment by, Oct 11, 2008

I too am interested in Siphon for iPhone 2.1 I will beta test if I can help. My company is beginning to get into the PBX industry and we would like to be able to recommend a solid app for our iPhone clients.

Regards Chase Florell, Director Infinitas Advantage

Comment by, Oct 13, 2008

What happened to the settings: "Daemon mode" and "Siphon over EDGE" in the Account settings? It would be a pitty to see these gone. Hope you are not changing passion for money and only offer Siphon through the AppStore?, but through Cydia instead.

Comment by, Oct 19, 2008

Where do we get this software? I can't find the anywhere.

Comment by, Oct 28, 2008

Is their any way i can get the source code for beta testing for the the .app file.

Comment by, Nov 6, 2008


How do we become a beta tester, I can give you my UDID.


Comment by, Nov 12, 2008

hi, guys i' m a newbie and i need you to guide on how to import pjsip libraries on iphone official sdk

thanks in advance

Comment by, Nov 26, 2008

Could I possibly get an ad-hoc license? I'd love to help.

Comment by, Dec 16, 2008

hi, "

Comment by samuelv0304, Sep 27, 2008

For the moment, I don't upload the code of siphon for iphone 2.x. But there are several beta testers.

If you are a company, you can contact me to buy the software."

Can u let me know this price?

Regards, zhiyong

Comment by, Nov 17, 2009


Please contact me via email chris at? agentplus dot? net

I'm interested in an alternative license agreement or private dev work with this app.

Thanks in advance,


Comment by, Dec 8, 2009

Hi Samuel,

How can I become beta tester. I can give you my UDID. Please contact me


Comment by, Dec 29, 2009

Seams there's a FAQ item missing!

I would like to test the app... could I?

Comment by, Jul 14, 2010

Hi, Have you tried this on the new iPHONE 4 iOS4?

Comment by, Jul 22, 2010

i tried this its work good on iphone 3g ios4

Comment by, Aug 29, 2010

I am interested to add some features to your project (particularly IM and Presence) how can I contact you?

Comment by, Jun 15, 2011

Hi , How can i use it on Latest IOS 4.3.1...

Also i want to add support for QQ IM with this APP...

How to reach you ... Mail me on


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