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simpledb-appender lets you log from multiple machines to a central, reliable, and query-able location: Amazon SimpleDB

simpledb-appender is an implementation of the Logback Appender interface for writing to a SimpleDB domain. Java projects using SLF4J with Logback can use simpledb-appender natively. Java projects using log4j or JCL can still use simpledb-appender, although a bit more work is required.

How do I use it?

See the Getting Started wiki

How do I get help?

Ask questions on the simpledb-logging group

Why would I want to log to SimpleDB

There are a number of cool benefits to this:

  • Logs from many machines seamlessly stored in a single location
  • Never worry about rotating logs
  • Query your logs using SQL-like language. For Example:
SELECT * FROM opslogs WHERE time > '2010-01-13' AND time < '2010-01-14' AND host = '' AND level = 'ERROR'

I don't use Java, can I still use simpledb-appender?

Yes, you can redirect stdout/stderr into tools included in the simpledb-appender package.

What about performance?

Logback is designed to be extremely efficient. simpledb-appender is also designed to have minimal impact on CPU resources. Logging events are buffered in memory and then later at user-configurable intervals (by default 10 seconds) are written to SimpleDB in bulk on a separate thread. In this way calls to the logging API return very quickly, and the time-consuming work is done in a way that doesn't block the main application. A JVM shutdown hook writes any unwritten log events when the application exits.

How easy is it to configure?

Pretty simple. All you need to do is specify your AWS credentials and the name of the SimpleDB domain to write to:

  <appender name="SIMPLEDB" class="com.kikini.logging.simpledb.SimpleDBAppender">

  <root level="INFO">
    <appender-ref ref="SIMPLEDB"/>
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