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Update: We fixed a couple more problems with the Windows binary distribution. The download file has been updated. Our apologies! Version 0.1.1 also contains a new component for a location sensor.

Programming Made Simple

In the 90s, a big company from up north was extremely successful with a dialect of the programming language BASIC (acronym for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). One of the reasons it was so successful was that the language was easy to learn and use.

Bringing an easy to learn and use language to the mobile world and the Android platform is the goal of the Simple project. Simple is a BASIC dialect for developing Android applications. It is particularly well suited for non-professional programmers (but not limited to). Simple allows programmers to quickly write Android applications by using the components supplied by its runtime system.

Similar to its 90s relative, Simple programs are form definitions (which contain components) and code (which contains the program logic). The interaction between the components and the program logic happens through events triggered by the components. The program logic consists of event handlers which contain code reacting to the events.

Below you find screenshots from two sample applications written in Simple - EtchSketch and a version of Tetris. The source code for these applications can be found in the samples directory of the source code of the Simple distribution:

For more information on writing Simple application see HowToWriteASimpleApplication.

Warning: Even though this project is beyond its initial phase it is still a work in progress. You are very likely to run into bugs as well as into situations were needed functionality is simply not implemented. You can either report an issue or, even better, solve the issue yourself and contribute your solution to Simple!

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