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Simple Package Manager

Simple Package Manager (SPM), as the name suggests is a simple package manager. It is intended to operate in similar way to existing package managers (e.g apt, dpkg, Pacman, etc). Instead of supporting a centralised package repository, SPM allows remote packages to be downloaded and installed automatically given thier URL (Universal Resource Locator). This allows a developer to package and distribute their software via a package management system without having to worry about the many different formats and Linux distrbution repositories.

How to Install

First you will need to download and extract the current source archive, or checkout the current source via subversion.

In order to install this software you must have root privilege access. This might mean that you have to get an administrator to install it for you. The software can be built and install simply by using the command:

make install

alternativley you can use sudo if you have it configured correctly:

sudo make install

What Next?

You can check out the repository of packages currently available for SPM (It is quite limited at the moment but you can help by expanding it). You can also start packaging and distributing your own software or other project using SPM.

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