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Windows 7 and Vista include a powerful Voice Recognition SDK. This is also a free downloadable option for XP. This "Simon Says" project is designed to interface with this SDK with a very limited dictionary to handle speech recognition slightly differently from the default OS approach.

In particular, we look to achieve a "Simon Says" approach to voice recognition. Normal speech should never trigger a false positive, but a keyword followed by a command will. Almost all other voice recognition projects out there seem to assume that voice control works so well you can dictate endlessly to your PC without errors. I assume the opposite - voice control and dictation is inherently unstable and as such I try to work around the problem.

The main goal of this project was for hands free windows media center control. I wanted to be able to say "Simon Says, Mute" to mute commercials. My overriding design principle is stability. As such, I intend to keep this project small enough to be stable even in the worst conditions whilst still being useful.

Usage is simple, try the following -

  • "Simon Says Mute" - should toggle system mute
  • "Simon Says Stop" - should stop/"unstop" media center or hulu desktop
  • "Simon Says Play" - should stop/"unstop" media center or hulu desktop
  • "Simon Says Quiet" - equivalent to hitting vol down 10 times (20%)
  • "Simon Says Loud" - equivalent to hitting vol up 10 times (20%)
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