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This is the start page for information about Simbrain development. Simbrain is an open source project, and it goes without saying that we could use your help. If you've found a bug, can suggest an improvement to the interface, would like to add features, etc., join us, or feel free to post a message to our forum.


Simbrain is a java based neural network simulator which aims at providing a simple user interface and API.

To get a sense of the design philosophy behind Simbrain, check out this article.

A webcast of Simbrain 2 in action is available here.

Simbrain 3

Simbrain 3 has been in development for several years, and there is now a beta release available in the download section.


There is a always lots of work to do so feel free to either comment on the forum or contribute fixes, documentation, etc. For notes on setting up your development environment, click here.

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