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2010-07-02: Silk2, the rewrite of Silk in Scala, has been released! See the last section for details.


Silk is a framework for finding semantic links between RDF resources from different datasets. The links are deduced from a set of user-supplied linking heuristics.

Silk offers a variety of metrics, transformation functions and aggregation operators to determine the similarity of the compared RDF properties or resources. It operates directly on SPARQL endpoints without the need for replicating datasets locally (although this is recommended for large datasets). To increase performance and reduce network load, Silk uses local caching, indexing and comparison preselection. Silk is implemented in Python and runs as a command line batch process.

Project Homepage:

User Manual / Language Specification:

Participating Universities:

Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin

Chemnitz University of Technology

Silk 2

Silk 2 is a reimplementation of Silk in Scala. It offers dramatically higher execution speed, extensions to the linking language and aims to support parallel linking via Hadoop in the near future:

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