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Installation instructions for all platforms.
Updated Mar 17, 2013 by

Check the manual and read the ReportingIssues wiki page if you encounter any problems with installing Sigil.

If you have installed Sigil previously, you may want to uninstall earlier versions to avoid issues with old DLLs or libraries.


Supported on Windows 7. Should run on Windows XP+.

Download appropriate installer for Windows, then run.


Supported on 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Should run on 10.7+ on Intel Macs with a x64 processor.

Unpack the DMG file and drag the "" file to your Applications folder.


Due to the many varieties of Linux, there is no official pre-compiled version of Sigil available.

You can build Sigil for your OS using the information in RunningFromSource.

You may find a pre-compiled version of Sigil available for your OS at LinuxDistroPackages, although it may not be the current version.

Posting Comments/Questions

Please use the Sigil Forum at MobileRead for all questions/comments. Comments on this wiki will be removed.

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