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Issue 304: Extend search providers with manual rss
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Status:  Started
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Reported by, Apr 18, 2010
Enhancement: Extends the existing list of search providers with a manual
rss feed (like This could be the same as implemented in
sabnzbd, but with the great sickbeard features.
Apr 18, 2010
Project Member #1 midgetspy
Yes this is planned for alpha2 but I hadn't made a ticket for it - thanks.
Status: Accepted
Labels: -Type-Defect -Priority-Medium Type-Enhancement Priority-High Milestone-Alpha-2
Apr 19, 2010
Just so you can bench the popularity of this feature I would immediately use this if
it was available.
May 22, 2010
Cant wait for this one, will make alternative RSS feeds much more valuable.
May 31, 2010
I am definitely interested in this especially with binsearch adding a rss in beta and in beta with its own rss. 
May 31, 2010
Project Member #5 midgetspy
Binsearch doesn't have reports though so its RSS isn't very useful. only
indexes other indexers as well so it's not particularly useful either :0)
May 31, 2010
#6 would be good for redundancy than when other indexing services go down. No?
Jun 24, 2010
Project Member #7 midgetspy
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Status: Started
Jun 28, 2010
Project Member #8 midgetspy
OK so I have all the framework done for this but I'm looking at the ticket and wondering... why? What would custom NZB RSS feeds add that isn't already available from the existing providers?

Also for TV torrent feeds, can somebody post some examples (URLs or sample RSS) of what such a feed would look like?
Jun 28, 2010
It would allow the use of for example as soon as absolute episode numbers are supported. The existing providers don't offer the variety of Anime that offers.

So I am really looking forward to this :)
Jun 28, 2010
I would also be very interested in Anime support. 
Jun 29, 2010

remember not all NZB sites are public. I suspect as time passes lots more private micro-community-fan-based nzb sites will erupt into existance.

Private torrent RSS sample data for you:

<title><![CDATA[Space Stars - The Teen Force - Series 1 (1981) VHS / XviD / MP3 / AVI]]></title>
<description><![CDATA[Space Stars ran four cartoon segments each week: Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Teen Force, and Astro and the Space Mutts. The cartoons would occasionally cross-over into one another. Space Ghost and the Herculoids both had their own respective series in the mid-1960s. Teen Force and Astro and the Space Mutts are both new segments, although the Astro character was originally the family dog from The Jetsons.
Teen Force focused on three superhumanly gifted young adults who hail from an unknown alternate universe which is located beyond the confines of the mysterious Black Hole X, which serves as a gateway into the universe in which the other main characters from Space Stars exist.]]></description>
<pubDate>Tue, 29 Jun 2010 05:22:44 +0000</pubDate>
<category><![CDATA[80s, adventure, scifi, animation]]></category>

You can see a public example here:

Some sites dont require auth and therefore are much simpler:

  <pubDate>Sun, 27 Jun 2010 23:59:01 +0100</pubDate>

Jun 29, 2010
Project Member #13 midgetspy
There are private NZB sites other than tvbinz? I'm sure there will be private Newznab sites but I already support custom newznab providers.

That PB example is a good one for generic torrent feeds, but that tv-vault RSS feed wouldn't work anyway. "Space Stars - The Teen Force - Series 1 (1981) VHS / XviD / MP3 / AVI" isn't a name I could parse without making a provider specifically for that feed anyway. That perfectly illustrates my biggest reservation - people are going to try adding all kinds of non-standard feeds and then wonder why they don't work.
Jun 29, 2010
Yes there are private nzb sites.

I wouldn't read to much into the tvv example... I simply chose a bad sample. There are plenty that you can sensibly match without anything specific.

I would not get too worried about not being able to match. The only thing we need care about is false positives and if your matching handles usenet it can handle anything. I think it is sane to just support common naming and leave it at that. If anything it might help inspire sites to enforce some quality control.

I will keep an eye out for any other oddball RSS feed types that are common.
Jul 13, 2010
Definitely for this. Maybe instead for anime etc, add absolute numbering support to the search code. Ie: at the moment, a search string for the anime Bleach would be something like Bleach - <title> - S04E21 as generated from tvdb results. This will come up with no results as most groups release in the format Bleach - 221 (example). Need to add code to check that if nothing is found for the S04E21 format, it uses the absolute numbering already present in tvdb to try again. Maybe give the user the ability to check a tickbox to allow absolute numbering searches on a per series basis. 

I'm trying to see if I can manage to patch the source to enable this, but my python is quite frankly rubbish (i'm a PHP dev).
Aug 19, 2010
Here's a rss sample from a private tracker

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1251" ?>
<rss version="0.91">
<title>Some Private Site</title>
<description>RSS Feed</description>
<copyright>Copyright something</copyright>
Some description
Sep 11, 2010
It would be great to see absolute episode numbering support.
Sep 15, 2010
I can hook you up with a top private tv torrent tracker invite, so you can use it to mold rss feeds from. Let me know if you want it, I don't know how to go about posting the rss information.
Sep 15, 2010
RSS Feed working of private trackers would be really cool :)
Sep 26, 2010

  A good source for anime, and such...  The big problem there is the RSS feed has "standard" information, so it would need to be filtered, then individual pages loaded and further filtered.  Of course then there is the problem of NON-ASCII characters then...

  While it probably could be done, it would be very problematic at best I think.  Likely the best way to do it would be to also allow some external scripting/batching/processing of names/sites after a custom RSS feed is read...

  RSS feeds, while I would LOVE to have the option of adding extra feeds, just are not very standardized yet from what I have seen.

  But I do agree it is a feature I would like to see, even though it may be rather limited in functionality for the sources I would really like to see it used with.  Perhaps having the ability will start a trend to actually standardize RSS feeds.  :-)
Nov 7, 2010
I've been trying to make my own provider for a closed tracker (and wouldn't mind sharing the code), but however, i'm quite a newbie when it comes to Python so i'm finding it hard to put all the pieces together.

Would it be possible to get a skeleton (including whatever is needed in different __init__ files etc)?
Nov 7, 2010
Project Member #22 midgetspy
You'd need to:
- create the provider module in sickbeard/providers
- add it to sickbeard/providers/
- add it to the import at the top of sickbeard/

If there is config required you'd need to
- add the necessary vars (loading/saving) to sickbeard/
- add the necessary config in data/interfaces/default/config_providers.tmpl
- add the config handling to the provider config in

Nov 23, 2010
Just to add to the list, I would love this feature too, even if it just supports that would mean I could drop Torrent Episode downloader from my server :)
Jan 25, 2011
This feature could also prove useful for someone to make an external adapter or aggregator/parser for sickbeard.

One could scrape/fetch rss feeds, rename to a format that sickbeard understands, and output that in an rss feed that sickbeard would read. :)
Jan 25, 2011
Another thought would be to make it possible to let sickbeard pass a search parameter with the rss url, so you could in fact make an external (backlog) search provider of sorts. That external code could search any number of sources using whatever algorithms it wishes, without cluttering the internal code of sickbeard :)
Jan 31, 2011
Here's an RSS example of

You can select what shows you want in your rss feed and quality etc. and it provides torrent links.
Feb 18, 2011
I was wondering, as soon as this is fixed it would allow Sick Beard to download nzb's from sites like right? I'm not quite sure of the internals and really do miss nzbindex support as i don't have access to (payed) premium accounts at nzbmatrix or the like...
Feb 18, 2011
If I understand correctly, this will support torrent rss too? That would be awesome.

On a side note, does anyone have a invite?
Feb 18, 2011
tvbinz is closed to new users. and it's not really appropriate to ask here.
Feb 22, 2011
I understand everyone wanting this to be apart of sickbeard for simplicity sake but why don't you just add the rss feed to utorrent or your nzb downloader? All the post processing will work exactly the same.. Sickbeard just wouldn't be incharge of fetching that show so you'd have to set it to paused or maybe add a option to have it as externally fetched or something like that. 
Feb 22, 2011
Episode management. Sickbeard does a FANTASTIC job of management. I've often had duplicates downloaded due to an RSS feed getting multiple versions of a show.
Feb 22, 2011
Episode management. Sickbeard does a FANTASTIC job of management. I've often had duplicates downloaded due to an RSS feed getting multiple versions of a show. Also, keep everything in a single place.
Feb 23, 2011
If the rss feed is getting multiple versions of a show then you probably haven't set it to just download the quality you want so its downloading all available qualities.
Feb 24, 2011
I'm on Linux and I can't use utorrent (unless using wine, but I'm not installing that on my Atom nettop...) so I would really like this feature in SickBeard.
Feb 24, 2011
Check out Flexget in combination with rtorrent then, that does the job. and
Feb 24, 2011
That looks interesting indeed, but the more tools I use, the more times I need to define what shows I'm following. If this is all centralized in SickBeard, no extra configging is needed and less stuff can go wrong. Isn't that (part of) the point of SickBeard?

(Yes I'm lazy like that... aren't we all?)

Maybe it's even possible to let FlexGet be used by SickBeard, so that SickBeard auto-configs FlexGet with settings that are included in the SickBeard webui.
Mar 7, 2011
I took a dive in the code and found out there is a generic provider now. This provider is used by the newznab provider. Is this generic provider built to support this issue?
Mar 7, 2011
Project Member #39 midgetspy
Eventually, yes. The biggest reason I haven't implemented this is because of the support nightmare of people complaining that X provider doesn't work. Also as far as I'm aware this would basically be purely for torrent support, I'm not aware of a single decent NZB index that isn't in SB.
Mar 10, 2011
i would like this also,
i use the rss feed of because i can put in my own filters.
here a example of a rss feed i use
short explain:
i only want releases from a certain person/group because of there quality,
no WEB-DL and no german dub.

Mar 10, 2011
@#40.. i don't understand why you need that feed. Sickbeard won't download a german dubbed video and it won't download web-dl unless you enable that quality for that show. Sickbeard is extremely good at weeding out crap posts.
Mar 11, 2011
well i didn't enable web-dl and it still downloaded the web-dl version even that i could see in the log that it found another 1
Mar 21, 2011
#43 would be a nearly 100% source for german-TV-Shows.
And it supports RSS.

And, to go a BIG step further: PLEASE let us use RSS from yahoo-pipes.
With those Pipes you can make your RSS as-you-like.

For my understanding:
When i download the Show directly with sabnzb+ and sickbeard postprocesses them, there is NO difference?
I would have guessed, that downloading/fetching the NZB with sickbeard would make the post-processing better. (RSS->Sickbeard->sabnzbd+->sickbeard)
Sickbeard gets the NZB and knows "what it is".
If sabnbd+ gets the file with it's own RSS-Client, sickbeard doesn't know it, untill it gets triggered by sabnzbd+. (RSS->sabnzbd+->Sickbeard)
I'm asking, because 50% of my Shows aren't post-processed (this is because of the names of them).
Mar 21, 2011
Project Member #44 midgetspy
 Issue 1368  has been merged into this issue.
Mar 21, 2011
Project Member #45 midgetspy
SB does not support non-english shows. SB does process differently if it snatched vs a manual snatch, it always knows what it snatched.
Mar 22, 2011
#46 is a great nzb resource for anime and other asian media content that would be great if it could be added. I would prefer to add custom rss feeds that the site allows for, that way I can specific tailor my searches based on show/group/format/etc. Also, that absolute numbering support would be great . . . :) 
Apr 8, 2011
This is definitely needed! Cheers for the good work so far!
Apr 12, 2011
On the face of it yahoo pipes is a good idea however it is not a great solution. Many of the kind of sites that people will want to use RSS from will not allow Yahoo pipes for privacy/big brother reasons.

Designing a solution that relies on Yahoo would be short sighted.
Apr 20, 2011
i'll add my vote to this feature as well, with the additional comment based on the fact that i prefer torrents to nzbs.

since ezrss seems to go up and down a lot, i've been using some alternatives in ktorrent. see:

namely, showrss ( has been very reliable and easy to search.

if it's difficult to implement a manual RSS feature in sickbeard, perhaps extending the support for ezrss to include showrss and mininova would be a good compromise, especially for torrent users like myself.

Apr 23, 2011
Why would this only have to support torrents?
I could really use custom RSS feeds for NZB sites.
Some of you may know about SpotWeb and they're working on creating RSS feeds from there as well.
My advantage would be that I could have filters in there to only have series with (in my case Dutch) subtitles in there. That way an episode is ready to snatch once it's come from that RSS feed through SickBeard.

For more info on SpotWeb, visit:

May 9, 2011
I am beginning to think with the weight of RSS/Scraper variations and the number of requests and votes related to RSS perhaps the whole RSS thing could be better handled as a separate solution.

Currently many tools require to scrape metadata (e.g. RSS) from the same sites. It is not unusual for someone to be forced to scrape the same site feed multiple times once for each tool e.g. FF, SB, SAB, CP etc

This is massively inefficient and costs these sites traffic and therefore money

I imagine a scenario where a simple seperate tool exists (based almost solely on the current SB code) that scrapes all this data to sqlite/msql. Then you query a trivial api on this tool to get your results. This way we reduce donor sites load and all the site specific quirks can be patched as a separate and much simpler code base stub project.

It also opens the door for scraping non RSS content and users sharing data to fill in scraping gaps/pre-poluate backlog RSS data for people late to the party.

So in essence a separate RSS daemon that plods along just concatenating feeds.
May 9, 2011
What would be a good idea is to look at Flexget this is what I use at the moment instead of the Sickbeard downloader. If you write a part of the sickbeard to write a config script for the user, you can easily have flexget parse the RSS and sickbeard do the "looking after" of the series. 

I have uploaded a config to be looked at, and you can see how easy it is to write a config for flexget.
3.6 KB   View   Download
May 13, 2011
I am not sure flexget ticks the box here.

In the context of what we are trying to achieve (a TV PVR) flexget is just a dumb version of SickBeard that happens to have better RSS support.

Jun 14, 2011
Project Member #54 midgetspy
There is no legitimate reason I'm aware of for custom NZB RSS. Hacking in language or subtitle support is not a valid reason, there are separate feature requests for that.
Jun 15, 2011
I am not sure if that comment means "there is no reason for custom RSS at all" or just for "custom NZB RSS".

Currently there are very few NZB RSS types and sickbeard support for them is excellent.

However there are many (probably most) torrent RSS feeds that SickBeard does not support yet.

TBH torrent support is not very clearly documented/explained/presented via the GUI anyway and whilst I know people use it currently it is not very useful without better RSS support.

Perhaps if we could document what torrent RSS Sickbeard support we could inspire trackers to modify or present a SB compatible feed.

To that end this is a hand modified NewzNab RSS feed. Are these the fields and format that SB requires for complete compatibility?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
<rss version="2.0"  xmlns:report="">
<title>RSS Feed</title>
<description>My Searches</description>
		<pubDate>Tue, 14 Jun 2011 01:13:32 +0000</pubDate>
		<link>direct download link</link>
Jun 20, 2011
If you can make it possible to add my own private tracker rss for torrents that would be effin awesome!
Jul 21, 2011
How about air by date episodes as an RSS reason?  You can get all new episodes without SB searching for each episode every night.  This currently puts 100% cpu on many users machines for hours on end.  Mine for 20.  I have taken these shows out of SB and use RSS.  SABNZB's sorting and notification features aren't as nice as SB.
Jul 21, 2011
@comment 57

You could keep the show in Sickbeard but disable it and then (whatever you use to watch RSS) use sab to download it and process it with sickbeard as normal.
Sep 12, 2011
Project Member #59 midgetspy
 Issue 1645  has been merged into this issue.
Dec 6, 2011
Please. Add/improve this feature. It is currently the only way to get SB to download shows in other categories. 
Dec 22, 2011
how about allowing people to create their own regex's for scraping media from RSS, without having to build a python plugin?
Mar 2, 2012
I'm currently using as an RSS torrent provider, which makes an outstanding job at indexing 720p torrents (where eztv falls behind). Sample URL:
Mar 10, 2012
T.E.D. (Torrent Episode Downloader) is pretty similar to Sickbeard but you can add custom RSS feeds and it uses TVRage instead of TheTVDB. What is missing is the post processing.

For people looking for an easy way to harvest even private torrent tracker feeds it's OK.
Mar 31, 2012
suggesting we use a different app does not fix the problem... it just stops us from using SB. The fact this request was opened 2 years ago, and accepted, and still SB has no support for custom torrent sites, via the GUI, is a sad commentary IMO.
Apr 2, 2012
Today there's a new episode for californication and the new season of game of thrones.. but i had to get them myself on kat because californication grabbed a bad, non seeded torrent of californication on ezrss and it could'nt even find game of thrones probably because the episode is named 2x1 instead of S02E01... (and both were 3gp... >.< )

i really need to add kat or something else as my rss on sickbeard..
Apr 2, 2012
@comment 65

I know you'd prefer something else but you can try the TPB branch of SickBeard :
May 9, 2013
With Usenet getting hammered with DCMA take-down requests, it would be nice to have torrent rss fall back to find things no longer available on Usenet.
May 9, 2013
I'd like this feature too. I download only using torrents. 
May 9, 2013
For those looking for a custom torrent rss, this branch may interest you:

It includes custom rss for torrents, along with a host of other torrent-friendly features.
May 5, 2014
another torrent user that does not want to nzb's 

sickbeard is great at sorting and moving things into folders  (great for the xvmc) 

Just add stand expand the current disclaimer to stating its an unsupported part of the code and then start adding the popular torrent providers, torrentday etc.. as needed
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