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Issue 97: Printing Option
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Reported by, Nov 5, 2010
Thanks for a great project. 
I have a legacy application that can produces pdf files when printing. I want to open the file in a new window correctly. The pass through print feature treats them as text. Is there a way to do this correctly? 
Jan 5, 2012
I also have this desire. I think that one really powerful solution would be to be able to send shellinabox an arbitrary Javascript command in much the same way that you would send a print job (escape sequence, command, escape sequence).  This would open up a whole new world of controlling web content via a shell program.  All you would need to do to open the pdf would be to start a new window with the URL of the pdf as the target!  I wouldn't think that this would be difficult to implement.  If I get a chance, maybe I'll look at the source.

Gary Walborn

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