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Issue 157: Add the ability to execute arbitrary Javascript code from within shellinabox
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Status:  New
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Reported by, Jan 5, 2012
It would dramatically enhance the power of shellinabox if the user could send an arbitrary Javascript command to be executed by the browser by enclosing it in an escape sequence (just like remote printing).  
Jan 30, 2014
I second this one.  I am planning on deploying a terminal app as a public app on a website soon.  I'd personally like the ability to somewhat control the browser from within my terminal app.  Even the setting of a variable on the parent page would be nice, then I could just run a JavaScript timer to check this state various and act upon it.
Mar 7, 2014
#2 sebastian.treu
No possible way of doing this? I have an iframe sourced shellinboxd via cgi and I can't figured out how to post data. I edited the POST request via firefox webdeveloper, also y resend it and can't see data echoed back into the terminal.
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