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Issue 118: vt100.js not working in IE9
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Reported by, Mar 21, 2011
If used with the just released IE9, vt100.js does not work correctly.

I tracked it down to newCursor.clientHeight not immediately computed inside VT100.prototype.resizer.

While I don't know, why it is not computed and my fix will probably break other things, I got it working for me for now using the modification below. Note, that I only added "false && " in the line with the FIXME comment.



VT100.prototype.resizer = function() {
  // The cursor can get corrupted if the print-preview is displayed in Firefox.
  // Recreating it, will repair it.
  var newCursor                = document.createElement('pre');
  this.setTextContent(newCursor, ' ');                 = 'cursor';      =;
  this.cursor.parentNode.insertBefore(newCursor, this.cursor);
  if (false && !newCursor.clientHeight) { // FIXME This was done to support IE9.
    // Things are broken right now. This is probably because we are
    // displaying the print-preview. Just don't change any of our settings
    // until the print dialog is closed again.

Aug 16, 2011
I cannot get shellinabox working at all in IE9.  It keeps on writing to a single line at the top and is completely unusable.

This is not a big problem usually, but would be if I wanted to access my server when I only have IE available.

Does anybody know what could be happening?  I am running through HTTPS, if that makes a difference.
Nov 7, 2011
You need to use IE9 compatibility mode. It is under developer tools, push F12 and it is there.
Nov 23, 2011
If you have just a single line, appy the fix I described above.
Also, newer updates of IE9 seem to make scripts containing /*@*/ fail. I replaced them with /* at */ and it works again. Stange.

Sadly, this project seems not to be supported any more.
Nov 23, 2011
Note, /*@*/ occurs twice in vt100.js

Jun 1, 2012
For what it's worth, this patch worked well for me.  Thanks!
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