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Issue 122: exporting inferred types (to cython or otherwise)
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Reported by, Dec 14, 2010
this feature has two uses:

the first is for future use when an import feature is also written, so that multipe runes with only small changes take significantly less time.

the second is to be able to integrate the new output with other python 'compilers' that benefit from some sort of typing but can't infer them, such as cython. It may be possible that adding (at least) partial inferred types to cython can create output that's much more capable (cython handles any library) while gaining as much speed benefit as possible.
Dec 15, 2010
Project Member #1
thanks for the suggestion. I fully agree this would be a nice thing to have.. though it seemed more important before 0.6, because I wasn't sure scalability would be good enough without it. perhaps if there's this 10,000 line program that I cannot get shedskin to analyze within a reasonable amount of time, I will look into it again.. the largest current example program (c64 emulator) compiles in a few minutes, probably within one minute with some minor improvements and a fast CPU in a few years.. 

a related approach would be to just profile a program, and store type information for use in inference or code generation. that would also make it faster to analyze a large program for the first time, so I think this is a better approach. in the newsgroup I posted a simple example that shows a useful profiler can probably be written in a few hundred lines of code. it would be very nice to have an independent project that allows to store this information in some standard format, for use in any python implementation (if there isn't one already). perhaps shedskin could then also output to this format. it's probalby not something I will work on myself though.
Status: Accepted
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Jul 16, 2011
Project Member #2
 Issue 134  has been merged into this issue.
Jul 16, 2011
Project Member #3
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Summary: exporting inferred types (to cython or otherwise)
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