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SFBrowser is a file browser and uploader for jquery and php5. It returns a list of objects with containing the names and additional information of the selected files.

You can use it, like any open-file-dialog, to select one or more files. Most inherent functionalities are also there like: file upload, file preview, creating folders and renaming or deleting files and folders.

I will not be developing SFBrowser any further for the time being.

There have been a lot of new developments that I've been meaning to implement. To do this I'd rather rewrite the entire front- and backend source than implement it in the current one. Not that the current source is bad, I'm just a better programmer than I was five years ago. But for now, I simply do not have the time (maybe in the future).

So if you have fixes for issues I'd be happy to commit them, but I'm not going to fix them for you. Or if you really want to I could make you project member.

SFBrowser is also available as a Wordpress plugin.


  • ajax file upload
  • localisation (English, Dutch or Spanish)
  • server side script connector
  • plugin environment (with filetree and imageresize plugin)
  • data caching (minimal server communication)
  • sortable file table
  • file filtering
  • file renameing
  • file duplication
  • file download
  • file/folder context menu
  • file preview (image, audio, video and text/ascii)
  • folder creation
  • multiple files selection (not in IE for now)
  • inline or overlay window
  • window dragging and resizing
  • cookie for size, position and path
  • keyboard shortcuts


Installation instructions are in the root of the download (and in svn/trunk/web/index.php)

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