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How to release Se-IDE
Updated Jan 14, 2013 by luke.semerau


The steps to releasing Se-IDE (because I keep forgetting something)


  1. Download release candidate build from Jenkins
  2. Upload XPIs to
    1. SFTP to and upload all XPIs from the Jenkins build used for the release
    2. SSH to
    3. Copy all XPIs to /tmp
    4. Switch to the release user (sudo su - release)
    5. Copy the XPIs to the relevant locations in
    6. Make sure the multi-xpi is in selenium-ide/x.x.x and the editor is in selenium-ide/editor/x.x.x
  3. Update download page on with new release details
  4. Test download
  5. Add the release to the update.rdf files the IDE iteself and all bundled plugins
    1. Add a new <RDF:li> at the top for the new release
    2. Make sure the following are correct
      • <em:version> matches the new version number
      • <em:maxVersion> matches the Firefox version support
      • <em:updateLink> matches the download link for XPI
      • <em:updateHash> is the correct hash for the XPI
        • You can generate this using: openssl md5 -sha1 <file>
        • Note that for the IDE the hash is of the multi-xpi
        • Make sure the value starts with sha1:
  6. Test upgrade
  7. Update release notes
  8. Announce
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