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Instructions to install Scons for Symbian
Updated Nov 20, 2008 by

Install SCons.

I used

easy_install scons

At least SCons 0.98.5 did not install properly so you most likely need to copy the SCons folder from:


After that you should have SCons folder under site-packages. Also remember to check that you have Python25\Scripts folder in your PATH.

IMPORTANT: Install pywin32 for parallel compiling

SCons warns you about it: parallel (-j) builds may not work reliably with open Python files. Install page:

Get sources

  • Create 'scons_symbian' folder to 'Python25\Lib\site-packages\'
  • Check out the project to the created folder
    • Follow the non-members' checkout instructions under Source tab.

And you should be good to go.

Install Ensymble ( Optional )

Even though PKG generation support is implemented, SIS files can also be created with Ensymble. It can be a handy utility for various other tasks too. Get the source package, DO NOT get a pre-squeezed version.

  • Unpack the archive
  • Create 'ensymble' folder to 'Python25\Lib\site-packages\'
  • Put the ensymble files there
  • Add file to allow importing ensymble.
  • Get the openssl stuff mentioned in the Ensymble readme and put 'em in your PATH.
Just to be sure. Start python interpreter and try to import ensymble.

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