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Development Discontinued

Consider using scirocco-webdriver instead.

A UI Test Automation Tool

Scirocco is a UI test automation tool for Android. It’s able to perform test on several devices and making test reports with screenshots in succession. Scirocco consist of three parts as below.


  • An android test framework developed by Jayway;
  • You need minimal time to write solid test case;
  • The framework handles multiple Android activities automatically;

scirocco plug-in

  • An Eclipse plug-in
  • Possible to perform scenario testing automatically and making test reports with screenshots

scirocco TMS(Test Management System)

  • An web based test management system made by Ruby on Rails
  • Possible to access the test reports on web and easy share with your project member

Quick Start

Quick Start Scirocco

Quick Start Scirocco TMS


  • scirocco plugin is updated! (2011/12/06)
  • This plugin supports the latest version of ADT(Android Development Toolkit tools ver15).

  • scirocco_v2.0 is now released! (2011/07/05)
  • scirocco_v2.0 provides a new method "getMemoryInfo()".

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