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Issue 33: Auto-fix for Errors/Warnings
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Project Member Reported by, Jun 24, 2009
Many warnings and errors issued by GHC can be fixed semi-automatically. 
For example:

 - An unused variable warning can be fixed by prefixing the variable with
an underscore.

 - Missing type signatures can be added automatically, but the user might
want to review the naming of type variables.

 - Errors that complain about a LANGUAGE pragma can be fixed, e.g.,
PatternGuards, TypeSynonymInstances, etc..  The suggested pragma might not
always be the best choice, though, e.g., ExistentialTypes vs.

 - Some weird errors without helpful messages could be improved this way,
too.  E.g., adding the CPP pragma if the parser barfs on a #ifdef line.

GHC could be improved to use different types or constructors for different
error messages so error messages need not be matched with regexps.

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