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July 31, 2012

Hello, and thank you for visiting this page. Unfortunately this project and any of the files found within are DEFUNCT.

They're left up for educational purposes but should not, under most circumstances, be flashed on a more recent device unless you know what you're doing.

Latest Radio

Latest SPL

Latest Builds

ION Rev. 2

Legacy Builds





ADP1.5Hr1: (sha1: 44eacf11c2f3eef5c64d40c894047c4197d06dc6)

ADP1.5Hr1-A2SD: (sha1: 0a065a9cef188226fd35d36f8d3f345f8545cbc6)

5.0.2G: (sha1: 5b0589a0ca34080a26c3e821dc9a1d2724d3cfee)

5.0.2G-A2SD: (sha1: fd2375eba057fcbc44ec1981fd1cfa5a35239f51)

5.0.2Hr5: (sha1: 7696cf57d4bf8e53dc7b14916ef3c51c4c2ff55e)

5.0.2Hr5-A2SD: (sha1: dcc8aea678d4ec6065ccc7bf45de3a54f3e2c28e)

5.0.2Hr5-ZH: (sha1: efdf61ff097f93e84e65f8cc51b4d07f4bf98409)

5.0.2Hr5-ZH-A2SD: (sha1: cd0d9ba77bc023b57f0a2410f431242d9c7bf8ff)

ADP1.5H: (sha1: c649e26cea75fc188f0c3cc0a7d7c937cfe36fb9)

ADP1.5H-A2SD: (sha1: a514cb29a0a5503508879bb4b797136497bd0166)


The ROMS were built from 2 different sources.

  • Version 'H' is sourced from HTC for the Chunghwa phone.
  • Version 'G' is sourced from Google.

The latest Radio is

There is a newer SPL that has additional keypresses for rebooting the phone, as well as progress indicators while flashing. It is located here

If you use the above SPL you will need new drivers for Windows. They are located here

If you require the resources (wallpapers and ringtons) that were pulled from the build, you can find them here

For a full listing of files, see when the build was updated, and MD5 hashes click the downloads tab

To view the MD5 click on the Summary / Label for the release in question.

How-to for setting up apps-to-sd (with haykuro roms) AndroidWiki Haykuro Apps to SD

Issues/Bug/Feature Request

Please add any feature requests/bug reporting on the issues tab AFTER you check for an existing issue. Please think about the issue you are reporting and ask yourself if it sounds like an OS problem or something haykuro can fix. The issues list is growing extremely fast and more than half of the issues are either duplicates or are not something we can fix. Also remember that third party apps not working is something the app developer needs to fix. They need to make their code compatible with Android 1.5, and not vice versa.


Updates will be done every Friday. This is to help keep everyone up to date, and allow time for bug reports, etc.

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