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The new home of the SAPlink Project is


You find the current home of SAPlink always at


If you find SAPlink useful, please let us know about it via our discussion group or email. Check out what some of the community has say about SAPlink:

  • 'I was very amazed with the SAPLINK idea and design. This is exactly what every developer wants and what was always missing. Thanks a lot!'
  • 'I am so thrilled about this project, as I think it is wonderful that I can copy objects between systems without involving the basis team or requiring a lot of manual steps.'
  • 'It's great to have this tool. I think it will be fun at SDN to share codes via SAPLink.'
  • 'I think SAPlink is really an initiative that makes real SDN community development a reality.'
  • 'This is a great initiative. I carry a CD of most re-usable components, as I keep changing my clients. With an open source initiative, guess, I don't have to do that anymore.'
  • 'Brilliant concept and tool. Please pass on my comments to all the people involved. I was about to embark on a process to develop a upload/download utility myself but SAPLink has much more.'
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