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A command line Python script to upload a single file to a bucket on Amazon S3 (using the boto library).

Command Line Options

  --version             show program s version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -k AWSKEY, --aws_access_key_id=AWSKEY
  -s AWSSECRET, --aws_secret_access_key=AWSSECRET
  -f FILENAME, --filename=FILENAME
  -b BUCKETNAME, --bucketname=BUCKETNAME
  -n KEYNAME, --keyname=KEYNAME
  -a ACL, --acl=ACL


The following command uploads the file ~/backups/latest.tgz to the S3 bucket called 'backupbucket' using the name '20090701.tgz'. The backup should be private.

python -f '~/backups/latest.tgz' -n '20090701.tgz' -b 'backupbucket' -a 'private' -k 'HONIKLQSJREDBCFTAGMP' -s 'och4od9cub4byms8iv7nun7fid1had3cyind5of2'

In case you set the environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, s3afe takes those and the command is a bit shorter:

python -f '~/backups/latest.tgz' -n '20090701.tgz' -b 'backupbucket' -a 'private'

To prevent exposing your private data by mistake, the ACL 'private' is default. This shortens the command to:

python -f '~/backups/latest.tgz' -n '20090701.tgz' -b 'backupbucket'


  • private (default)
  • public-read
  • public-read-write
  • authenticated-read


  • Python
  • boto (try 'sudo easy_install boto')
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