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Updated Apr 19, 2010 by novik65

Plugin Show Peers like wTorrent


The plug-in changes the format of values in columns 'Seeds' and 'Peers' in the torrents list. By default these columns are shown as

get_peers_complete (get_peers_not_connected+get_peers_connected)
get_peers_accounted (get_peers_not_connected+get_peers_connected)

For trackers which support scrape, is makes sense to show more details

get_peers_complete (t_get_scrape_complete)
get_peers_accounted (t_get_scrape_incomplete)

I.e. the sum of seeds/peers by scrape of all torrent's trackers is shown in brackets. As shown below:

Another front-end for rTorrent wTorrent shows this information similarly. If you mostly use private trackers this plug-in is useless for you. Scrape is disabled on such trackers and you will have less information than without this plug-in - there always will be zero in brackets.

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