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Stories from people who have used Rose to help them succeed.
Updated Aug 7, 2009 by

Success Stories


I've built around Rose. PhilPapers is a comprehensive index of the modern literature in philosophy. It gets about 100,000 hits per day, so performance was a concern. Rose hasn't disappointed me on this score, especially when using it with a shared memory cache. I also found that it had more of the features I needed out-of-the-box than Class::DBI.

-- David Bourget 13:29, 7 Aug 2009 (EDT)

Trips and Getaways

I was given an opportunity to build a site from the ground up. In the past I had written all my own SQL, putting common queries in my own modules. I was looking to try and build an entire application using ORM. At my full time job I had started using Rose::DB to model a Oracle database. While this project is still on-going, I could see the benefits of using the framework.

The final product is a site that uses Rose::DB for all DB transactions. I haven't written one line of SQL, but I like the fact that it's easy to do if I happen to run into a situation I need to. The process has gone so well that I have begun to implement Rose::HTML::Form into the application also. The Rose framework is put together intelligently and is extremely easy to extend, allowing the developer to choose exactly how they will implement Rose.

I was able to use Rose::DB with CGI::Application to backbone the site, which is currently launched with a FastCGI script due to current environmental constraints.

The TripsAndGetaways site: TripsAndGetaways

--Kevin McGrath 09:54, 18 Aug 2007 (EST)

ARA Pneumatik

Some time ago my client asked me to make some changes on the CMS page I've built for him in Apache::ASP. During our discussions we both decided that the page needed a general overhaul. I suggested migrating to tableless layout based on CSS. Moreover, my client wanted to make the CMS engine more flexible. It was clear that I would need some ORM tool.

Due to my interest in Catalyst I wanted to use some ORM that would work within Catalyst. I tried Class::DBI, but it was missing many features I needed. Next I tried DBIx::Class, but I had some troubles with hierarchical structures stored in one table. Moreover, both engines were rather slow. There was a talk on #dbix-class, where John Siracusa (author and maintainer of RDBO) gave me few pieces of advice - and encouraged to use Rose::DB::Object.

Thanks to the flexibility and efficiency of RDBO I completed my task; having more fun than troubles. I have to mention that I had a lot of help from John! He was very eager to help solve any problem or feature request - not only in regard of RDBO ;-)

To be honest, this is not the story of some webpage success - I gained a lot more than a just changing my client's page :-). I learned a lot, and also learned just how much there is left to learn. I also noticed that sharing experiences between developers is the key to building good software. You can often meet John on #dbix-class, or Matt S. Trout (active developer of DBIx::Class) on #rdbo.

If you want, see the mentioned page (it is in Polish).

--Maciej "Bruno" Kopias-Czekay 02:43, 11 Feb 2006 (PST)

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