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How to quickly start with RockMongo?

If you are working on Windows or Mac OS X, there are softwares can help you quickly start with RockMongo, without installing PHP manually.

ParmaStack also includes a Unix version, you can check out it and have a try.


How to disable authentication?

set mongo_auth and control_auth to false:

$MONGO["servers"][$i]["mongo_auth"] = false;
$MONGO["servers"][$i]["control_auth"] = false;

How to connect MongoHQ

See configuration for MongoHQ here:

How to change password

See configuration for Authenticate:

Basically, open config.php, and add lines below to right position:

$MONGO["servers"][$i]["control_users"]["myusername"] = "mypassword";
$MONGO["servers"][$i]["control_users"]["iwind"] = "123456";

Known issues

How to fix 500/502 errors?

Basically, it was caused by (or php_mongo.dll on windows), you should upgrade your php_mongo driver from or download a latest dll from

After new driver installation, restart your web server, and refresh the RockMongo, it will goes ok. Otherwise, you should send us php error log so that we can analyze the reason.

PHP Error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size when export a large DB

To export a large db, you need to change your configures in your php.ini :

max_execution_time = 30
memory_limit = 128M

to larger numbers, such as:

max_execution_time = 1200
memory_limit = 1024M

Then you need to restart your web server (apache, fastcgi ....).

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