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Executable Requirements in Practice
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Updated Mar 28, 2011 by pekka.klarck


Robot Framework developers organize a workshop Executable Requirements in Practice in XP 2009 conference. The session is scheduled for Thursday, 28th May 14:00-17:30.

Workshop information



Executable requirements neatly combine two important Extreme Programming (XP) practices: user stories and acceptance testing. They enhance communication, ease following the number of running tested features during an iteration, and work as regression tests in future iterations. This workshop does not only give an introduction to this important process, but also shows how it is used in developing a real system in front of the audience. Some of the participants can even join the fun and get real hands-on experience.

Full information

Available as PDF.

Example project

The system under test and development in the session is RFDoc, web based system for storing and searching Robot Framework test library and resource file documentations. It is available as a separate open source project and naturally developed using the acceptance test driven development (ATDD) approach.

Registration to the workshop

At the conference registration is handled using lists next to the conference registration desk.

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