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Robot Framework 2.6 pre-releases
Updated Jul 25, 2011 by pekka.klarck

Robot Framework 2.6 Preview Releases

NOTE: Robot Framework 2.6 final was released on Tuesday 2011-07-26. These pre-release notes are kept in a separate page as a reference.

Robot Framework 2.6 is a new major release with loads of bigger and smaller enhancements and bug fixes. Before the final release there will be some alpha, beta, and release candidate releases in order

  • to make the already implemented features available to users,
  • to get feedback about the new features and enhancements, and
  • to allow users to test the new version on their environments.

Please submit possible bugs you encounter with the preview releases to the issue tracker and send general comments and questions to the mailing lists.

Downloads and installation

The latest pre-release is always available on the download page.

You can follow the normal installation instructions when installing RF 2.6 releases. If you have an earlier Robot version installed it should be safe to install over it. Removing the old version first is always safer, though, and should always be done if installation fails or running tests always fails mysteriously.

Compatibility with RIDE and Mabot

Robot Framework 2.6 should be fully compatible with the earlier RIDE and Mabot releases.

Compatibility with outputs generated with RF 2.5

Robot Framework 2.6 can read and process outputs generated by 2.5.x. releases. This allows testing the enhanced log and report (see below) also without executing tests using 2.6. All you need to do is getting the output file (such as ouput.xml) and generating logs and reports based on it with rebot.


Processing split outputs (generated when using --splitoutputs option) is not supported in relase candidate 1 or earlier.

Compatibility with IronPython

Unfortunately Robot Framework 2.6.0 does not work with IronPython. You can use Robot Framework 2.5.7 with IronPython until we manage work around the incompatibilities.

Most important enhancements and new features

Better log file performance

The biggest enhancement in this release is making the performance of the log files better when the amount of test cases and test data increases ( issue 360 ).

This enhancement is implemented so that when you open the log file it is not loaded into the browsers memory fully but generated dynamically using Javascript (and wonderful jQuery) as you drill down to more details. This both makes the log files' size on a disk much smaller (in one case a log file that used to be 120MB is now 9MB) and also reduces browsers' memory consumption dramatically (the earlier log file performed flawlessly on a browser).

Creating the log files dynamically allows also interesting enhancements in the future. Ideas we have had include test cases search and setting log level. In RF 2.6 the log files should look pretty much like the ones we all have got used to in previous releases, though.

We are highly interested in feedback related the new log files. We are especially looking forward for comments about the performance with large test data sets but let us also know if something in the logs does not work as well as it used to. You can add comments to  issue 360  directly or send them to the mailing lists.

Transparent log splitting

A common problem when the amount of test cases increases is that log files gets too big. They do not open nicely into browsers anymore and if they are on a remote machine downloading them takes too much time.

In RF 2.5 and earlier this problem was solved with a functionality to split both log files and output files (--splitoutputs option) from a predefined level. This functionality was removed early during 2.6 development because it never worked that well and it was incompatible with the new log generation system discussed above.

Although the new logs are orders of magnitude smaller than earlier, some log splitting functionality was still needed with very large test suites. The new approach introduced in RF 2.6 (beta 3) is splitting the log into smaller files that can be loaded dynamically when needed. This approach has two huge benefits:

  • Main log file size stays small (log from Robot Framework's own acceptance tests with 2000+ tests is only 1.6 MB).
  • Because the data is loaded dynamically, users do not see any difference compared to the situation where logs are not split.

The main drawback is that the overall size taken by the log file increases. In practice this should not matter too much because not all the data needs to be loaded into a browser, disk space is pretty cheap, and the logs in 2.6 are otherwise so small compared to the old logs.

Another drawback is that copying log files or otherwise manipulating them after the execution gets a bit more complicated because you have lot of small files. Technically data from each test is written into a separate Javascript file and the number of files grows when the number of tests grows. The files have name in format 'log-42.js' where 'log' changes depending on the actual name of the log file and '42' is a growing index.

The new mechanism is transparent for users viewing the log file but it still needs to be enabled with --splitlog option when tests are run or results post-processed with rebot.

Enhanced and better performing report

In RF 2.6 also report files are generated dynamically and are thus smaller and have better performance than earlier. In addition to that, reports have also got some new functionality.

The smaller size (in one case from 9MB to 0.4MB) and faster opening time are due to reports not showing test cases automatically but instead having an easy way to select what you actually want to see. Old test details by suite and test details by tag tables have been removed and replaced with dynamically generated tables that show the same information ( issue 849 ). In addition to these views being accessible from the statistics table like the removed tables in earlier releases, you also have drop-down menus where you can select which suite or tag to show.

A totally new functionality in reports is having a view where all tests or all critical tests can be seen ( issue 863 ). Tests in these views are sorted so that failed tests are first (similarly as when viewing tests by tag) so it is very easy to see all failed or all failed critical tests in one place. These views are also accessible from the statistics table.

We are also highly interested in comments about the new reports. Both comments about the new features and about the performance are appreciated and can be submitted to relevant issues or sent to the mailing lists.

TODO: Add a screenshot here when we have taken one for the User Guide.

Keyword teardown functionality

Robot Framework has always had test and suite level setups and teardowns, but nowadays also individual user keywords can have their own teardowns ( issue 711 ). The mechanism of this new feature is very simple, the keyword teardown is executed both when the keyword passes and when it fails.

Keyword teardowns allows, for example, splitting a large test teardown into more fine-grained teardowns that are executed closer to the activity that needs to be cleaned up. Another good use case is with test templates (a new feature in RF 2.5) where the system should be in a known state after every repeated step.

Using keyword teardown and test templates is illustrated by the example below. It shows a different approach to create invalid login cases from the SeleniumLibrary demo:

    Test Setup       Open login page
    Test Template    Login with invalid credentials should fail
    Test Teardown    Close browser
    Resource         common_resource.txt

    ***Test Cases***
    Invalid login
        ${VALID USER}    invalid
        invalid          ${VALID PASSWORD}
        invalid          invalid
        ${VALID USER}    ${EMPTY}
        ${EMPTY}         ${VALID PASSWORD}
        ${EMPTY}         ${EMPTY}

    Login with invalid credentials should fail
        [Arguments]    ${username}    ${password}
        Input user name    ${username}
        Input password     ${password}
        Submit credentials
        Welcome page should be open
        [Teardown]    Navigate to login page

Notice that keyword teardown functionality is currently not supported by RIDE.

New logging APIs and other logging enhancements

Robot Framework 2.6 has its own Python API for logging (robot.api.logger module) ( issue 339 ) and it also supports Python's standard logging module ( issue 455 ). These APIs make both make logging cleaner than using the standard output and also provide nice functionality such as accurate timestamps. They are explained more thoroughly, and with examples, in the User Guide.

Another logging related enhancement is that libraries can embed accurate timestamp into the messages logged through stdout/stderr ( issue 456 ). Python based libraries are probably better of using the new logging APIs, but this enhancement adds timestamp support also for Java based libraries as well as for libraries that utilize the remote interface.

Backwards incompatible changes

Viewing logs and reports requires a modern browser

Logs and reports nowadays use Javascript and CSS styles that only work well in modern browsers. Firefox 3.5, IE 8, or equivalent is required, but newer browsers are recommended. Most notable IE 6 and IE 7 are not supported at all.

Newer browsers, such as Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 12, have blazingly fast Javascript engines and they can easily view even very large log files. Upgrading your browser may thus be a good idea even if you can open logs and reports with your old browser.

If your company policy prevents you from upgrading IE or using alternative browsers, you can always keep on using older Robot Framework versions.

Splitting outputs is not supported anymore

The earlier explained big log file performance enhancements unfortunately completely broke the old output splitting functionality ( issue 861 ). Fixing splitting so that it would work like it worked earlier would have been a really big task.

Outputs have been split mainly to make log files smaller by splitting them into pieces that should not grow too big. Because the old approach never worked too well (see e.g.  issue 386  and  issue 862 ), a decision was made to rather implement new log splitting approach.

In RF 2.6 using --splitoutputs option gives you a warning and in RF 2.7 the option will be removed altogether. New --splitlog option should be used instead.

Summary reports were removed

As explained above, reports in Robot Framework 2.6 do not have tests open when you open them and in practice they look a lot like the old summary reports. Because reports are generated dynamically, their size is also very small.

Because summary reports did not provide any value anymore they were removed ( issue 864 ). tool does not work

Unfortunatley tool is not compatible with RF 2.6 ( issue 908 ). Hopefully this useful tool can be fixed already in 2.6.1.

Many internal APIs have changed

There are lot of internal changes in a big release like this and some of the changes may affect libraries or tools that are dependent on the internal APIs. The most important changes are listed in  issue 907 .

Other backwards incompatible changes

All potentially backwards incompatible issues are labeled with `bwic` label in the issue tracker. Why these changes may cause problems will be explained thoroughly later when these release notes are improved.

Deprecated features

There are not too many deprecated features in this release, but the ones that have been deprecated are labeled with `depr` label in the issue tracker. Why these features were deprecated will be explained thoroughly later when these release notes are improved.


Very big thanks to the JSXGraph project for creating and releasing the JSXCompressor module. One reason new logs and reports are so small is that all larger strings are compressed using the zlib algorithm and then uncompressed on-demand in the browser using this great module.

Special thanks to Alfred Wassermann for making JSXCompressor available also under the Apache 2 license so that it was easier for us to include it.

Big thanks also to all jQuery developers for making Javascript development a joy.

Thanks to Imran for providing a great patch to  issue 897  and for actively testing the preview releases. Thanks also to all others who have tested alphas, betas, and release candidates!

Robot Framework 2.6 Alpha 1

The first RF 2.6 pre-release was releases on 2011-06-13. List of all issues included into it can be found below. We are eagerly waiting for comments!!

ID Type Priority Summary
 Issue 360  Enhancement Critical Possibility to view log file without loading it into memory fully
 Issue 861  Defect High Splitting outputs is not compatible with new logs and must be removed
 Issue 339  Enhancement High Provide logging facility for developers of Robot Framework Extension Libraries
 Issue 711  Enhancement High Keyword teardown functionality
 Issue 849  Enhancement High It should be possible to select tests that are shown in report to make its size smaller
 Issue 863  Enhancement High Not always easy to see all failed tests and all failed critical tests in report
 Issue 822  Defect Medium Cannot import two libraries with same name using physical path
 Issue 827  Defect Medium Dynamic keywords ignored if getting documentation or arguments fails
 Issue 832  Defect Medium Execution crashes if listener method message fails repeatingly
 Issue 860  Defect Medium Dry-run mode fails if embedded arguments contain dynamically set variables
 Issue 109  Enhancement Medium Should (Not) Be Equal As Numbers and Convert To Number should take precision as an optional argument
 Issue 455  Enhancement Medium Support for Python standard logging module
 Issue 736  Enhancement Medium Uncatchable syntax errors should be turned into normal failures when possible
 Issue 767  Enhancement Medium avoid callling sys.exit() when running Robot from a test-driver
 Issue 807  Enhancement Medium It should be possible to disable Remote servers' Stop Remote Server keyword
 Issue 808  Enhancement Medium Should (Not) Be Equal As Integers and Convert To Integer should accept also hex, octal and binary numbers
 Issue 821  Enhancement Medium Remove critical attribute from opening <test> tag in XML
 Issue 829  Enhancement Medium Add option to disable output.xml
 Issue 835  Enhancement Medium Integer variables should accept 0b (binary), 0o, (octal) and 0x (hex) prefixes like ${0xFF}
 Issue 836  Enhancement Medium Convert To Binary/Octal/Hex keywords to BuiltIn library
 Issue 859  Enhancement Medium Additional listener attributes to differentiate suite/test setup/teardown from other keywords.
 Issue 844  Enhancement Medium Possibility to get variable value with default value to be used when it does not exist (Get Variable Value keyword)
 Issue 506  Enhancement Low Remove deprecated_absolute argument from List Directory keywords
 Issue 507  Enhancement Low Remove the deprecated Create File With Encoding keyword
 Issue 680  Enhancement Low Allow accessing JVM properties in test data using format %{}
 Issue 733  Enhancement Low Deprecate old screenshot taking keywords and remove deprecated log_file_directory argument and Set Screenshot Directories keyword
 Issue 834  Enhancement Low Integer variables like ${42} should create int type not long
 Issue 846  Enhancement Low Tag stat links should be serialized to XML
 Issue 813  Documentation Low Document that Python libraries can messages to console using sys.__stdout__
 Issue 839  Documentation Low Online version of the Quick Start Guide should explain how to get it
 Issue 848  Documentation Low Document that if same variable is given multiple times from CLI the last value takes effect
 Issue 850  Documentation Low Document how to use list variables with length related keywords.

Altogether 32 issues.

Robot Framework 2.6 Beta 1

The most important fixes in this release are related to enhancing performance of the new logs and reports with larger data sets. The table below lists other enhancements and fixes included into this release.

RF 2.6 beta 1 was releases on Thursday 2011-06-23. All kind of comments, especially related to the performance and usability of the new logs and reports, are highly appreciated!

ID Type Priority Summary
 Issue 456  Enhancement Medium Possibility to get accurate timestamp when logging messages through stdout
 Issue 802  Enhancement Medium Command line option --RunEmptySuite to allow execution even if there are no tests
 Issue 875  Enhancement Medium Always visible link from report to log and from log to report
 Issue 873  Defect Low Suite name from directory that has '.' in name is parsed wrong
 Issue 883  Defect Low Not possible to assign doc or links for combined tag statistics
 Issue 307  Enhancement Low Paths should not be case-normalized
 Issue 877  Enhancement Low Always show tag statistics and suite statistics tables in logs an reports
 Issue 884  Enhancement Low Tag stat link titles should support replaced groups similarly as tag stat link urls

Altogether 8 issues.

Robot Framework 2.6 Beta 2

The main motivation for this release was fixing compatibility with RIDE that beta 1 accidentally broke. The most important new feature is the support for custom regular expressions when using the embedded arguments syntax ( issue 854 ).

RF 2.6 beta 2 was releases on Thursday 2011-06-29. All kind of comments are highly appreciated!

ID Type Priority Summary
 Issue 854  Enhancement Medium Regular expression support for embedded argument syntax
 Issue 889  Documentation Medium Document that Easy Install by default installs latest version even if that is alpha/beta/rc
 Issue 891  Defect Low User keyword timeout is not shown in the log

Altogether 3 issues.

Robot Framework 2.6 Beta 3

This release contains one big enhancement compared to previous RF 2.6 pre-releases and all RF releases in general: transparent log splitting ( issue 898 ). This was the last large issue remaining before the final release.

RF 2.6 beta 3 was releases on Thursday 2011-07-07. All kind of comments are highly appreciated!

ID Type Priority Summary
 Issue 898  Enhancement Critical Transparent log splitting option
 Issue 899  Defect Medium Links from report are not guaranteed to be unique
 Issue 864  Enhancement Medium Remove summary reports because they are not needed after enhancements to normal reports

Altogether 3 issues.

Robot Framework 2.6 Beta 4

RF 2.6 beta 4 mainly fixes the --splitlog functionality that was introduced in beta 3 with custom log names. The release was done on Friday 2011-07-08.

ID Type Priority Summary
 Issue 900  Defect Medium Run Keyword And Continue On Failure does not work with user keywords inside FOR loop

Altogether 1 issue.

Robot Framework 2.6 Release Candidate 1

RF 2.6 RC 1 has some nice enhancements and fixes listed below, but more importantly it fixes a lot of bigger and smaller problems in the earlier preview releases. This is the first RF 2.6 release that is considered to be ready for production use. No more code changes are planned before the 2.6 final release except for possible bug fixes and small cleanups.

RF 2.6 RC 1 was released on Friday 2011-07-15. If there are no big surprises, the final release will be out on next Thursday. All kind of testing is naturally very highly appreciated at this stage. Findings can be reported to the mailing lists and bugs submitted into the issue tracker.

ID Type Priority Summary
 Issue 894  Defect Medium Docstrings with non-ASCII characters don't work correctly (unless they are Unicode)
 Issue 892  Enhancement Medium Messages logged by libraries when they are imported and initialized should go to syslog
 Issue 896  Enhancement Medium New BuiltIn Keyword "Keywords Should Exist"
 Issue 906  Defect Low metadata attribute missing from end_suite listener method
 Issue 905  Enhancement Low Add critical attribute to start/end_test listener methods
 Issue 893  Documentation Low Document that libraries should communicate with the framework only from main thread

Altogether 6 issues.

Robot Framework 2.6 Release Candidate 2

Enough problems were found with RC 1 (for example a memory leak when running on Jython) that a second, and hopefully final, release candidate was needed. In addition to fixes, this release contains two enhancements listed below.

RF 2.6 RC 2 was released on Friday 2011-07-22. Final release is now targeted for early next week. All kind of testing is still appreciated and findings can be reported to the mailing lists and bugs submitted into the issue tracker.

ID Type Priority Summary
 Issue 897  Enhancement Medium Add name of the possible template to start/end_test listener methods
 Issue 909  Enhancement Medium Add option to Collections.Lists Should be Equal to name indices

Altogether 2 issues.

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