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TestResultDiffingTool A tool for generating diff reports from robot framework output files.   Tool Jun 17  
TestStatusCheckerTool A tool for verifying that test case statuses and messages and also keyword log messages are as expected.   Tool Jun 17  
FileViewingTool A graphical tool implementing UNIX tail -like functionality. It is especially designed to view debug files   Tool Jun 17  
ExecutionTimeReportingTool A tool for generating start, end and elapsed time information about suites, tests and keywords in CSV format.   Tool Jun 17  
HistoricalReportingTool A tool for generating graphs about historical statistics of test executions.   Tool Jun 17  
OneClickInstaller An AutoIT script for installing Robot Framework and its dependencies on Windows XP.   Tool Dec 2013  
LibraryDocumentationTool A tool for generating HTML or XML documentation from keywords of a test library or a resource file.   Tool Nov 2013  
TestDataDocumentationTool A tool for generating high level documentation of a given test suite, including the names of suites and tests as well as toplevel keywords.   Tool Jun 2013  
TestDataTidyingTool A tool for cleaning test data and changing test data format between HTML and TSV.   Tool Oct 2012  
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