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Updated Aug 28, 2012 by

SeleniumLibrary 2.9.1

This is maintenance release fixing a couple of small issues listed below.

ID Type Priority Summary
 Issue 243  Defect Medium addCustomRequestHeaders doesn't work
 Issue 242  Enhancement Medium Ability to provide additional options to selenium java process

SeleniumLibrary 2.9

This release upgrades the embedded Selenium Server to version 2.21, and contains the fixes and enhancements listed in the table below.

Selenium 1 that SeleniumLibrary uses has been deprecated. This is thus most likely be the last release of this library. Users are recommended to start looking at Selenium 2 based Selenium2Library.

ID Type Priority Summary
 Issue 238  Enhancement Critical Update Selenium Server to latest version (2.21)
 Issue 231  Defect Medium Start Selenium Server fails with bad error message if Java is not installed
 Issue 208  Enhancement Medium New Get Inner HTML keyword
 Issue 237  Documentation Medium Document that Choose File does not work with newer Firefox releases

Altogether 4 issues.

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