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Issue 399: Allow apostrophes & other special characters in nickname
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Reported by, Oct 10, 2012
My last name has had an apostrophe since some time before Rietveld existed, and I'm not planning on changing it soon.

Unfortunately Rietveld doesn't allow my to use my last name as my nickname (it only allows letters, digits, ".-_()" and spaces). This causes problems for some of my colleagues who need to refer to me by nickname in commit messages.

Oct 15, 2012
Project Member #1
Looks like a can of worms with quoting to me. Why do you need to change your last name? Why not just change the nick to be compatible with notation of email address?
Oct 15, 2012
Since Rietveld doesn't support '@' in nicknames it's not possible for me to use my email address as my nickname. I'm changing it to be my work username as that's the least bad option I can think of, but I expect co-workers who know me by my real name in real life and by my email address online will continue to find it annoying that Rietveld knows me by another name. It's because one of them came up to me and complained that I submitted this bug repot in the first place.

Isn't Rietveld already quoting all strings before display or use in queries? Most web and database frameworks do that automatically, and it would be a security problem waiting to happen if it doesn't.

In any case, I would recommend that Rietveld does what it takes to support a fuller range of characters in user nicknames. Apart from anything else not doing that reflects badly on Rietveld, and by extension on the Python technologies it is based on. My personal experience is that even the most backward computer systems have started supporting the full range of ASCII characters in names and other user input within the last 10 years or so.

Oct 16, 2013
Project Member #3
Charles, if you want this to be resolved you will have to implement it.
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