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  67 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Reviews ----   Need to be able to send to an abitrary email address ----  
  88 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Integration ----   integration with buildbot like systems   ExtensionIdea Extensions  
  164 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Add an optional checklist for reviewers to check off   ExtensionIdea Extensions  
  183 Enhancement Confirmed Medium EMail, Reviews ----   "Publish" should publish all drafts per review request and send one e-mail ----  
  193 Enhancement New Medium Integration ----   Wish: tight integration with bug trackers   ExtensionIdea Extensions  
  256 Enhancement Confirmed Medium DiffViewer   Add/Delete/Edit/integrate information not shown for binary files. ----  
  267 Enhancement Confirmed Medium DiffViewer ----   Review Board should indicate whether the patch applies against HEAD   ExtensionIdea Extensions  
  294 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Scripts ----   Set Submitted Should Be Automatic ----  
  396 Enhancement New Medium Dashboard ----   Whose 'court' the review in currently in? ----  
  400 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Dashboard ----   Fix group membership/watched group UI split   Usability ----  
  477 Enhancement New Medium EMail ----   Per reviewer email control ----  
  488 Enhancement New Medium Integration ----   Instant messaging integration   ExtensionIdea ----  
  564 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Summarize reviewer ship status ----  
  607 Enhancement Started Medium RBTools ----   post-review option to insert the review url into the changelist description   PendingReview ----  
  774 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Review tracker for user   ExtensionIdea Extensions  
  825 Enhancement Confirmed Medium SCMTools ----   Support for Microsoft Team Services/Team Foundation repositories ----  
  831 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Reviews ----   Can't leave comments before you publish your own newly created review request ----  
  954 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Download Diff should allow selection of line endings ----  
  1068 Enhancement Confirmed Medium EMail ----   Use a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to send mail instead of a mail server listening at a TCP/IP port ----  
  1218 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   'Expand this file' option ----  
  1392 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Right-to-left language support ----  
  1398 Enhancement New Medium API ----   API to search reviews by bug ID and query review status ----  
  1426 Defect New Medium Reviews ----   "Reply" on the diff page is confusing and error-prone. ----  
  1457 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Reviews ----   Add ability to define metrics and generate reports   ExtensionIdea ----  
  1483 Enhancement New Medium Admin ----   Allow git repository to be configured with SourceForge hosting service ----  
  1491 Enhancement New Medium Accounts, Reviews ----   LDAP group support ----  
  1528 Defect New Medium EMail ----   Emails are not using To and CC intuitively ----  
  1543 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Dashboard, Reviews ----   keyboard shortcuts for main application views (individual review and dashboard)   Keyboard ----  
  1575 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Show image files inline as part of diff view ----  
  1605 Enhancement Confirmed Medium RB-Site   rb-site should auto-install necessary dependencies ----  
  1666 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Paginate "reviews" and/or lazy-load collapsed reviews ----  
  1675 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Need support in Reviewboard diff viewer to avoid line wrapping in review board diff view. ----  
  1678 Enhancement New Medium Dashboard ----   Add filtering to dashboard ----  
  1679 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Add Track Changes ----  
  1771 Enhancement Confirmed Medium RBTools ----   Prevent users from creating reviews for P4 changelists they don't own ----  
  1817 Enhancement New Medium Screenshots ----   Ability to disable screenshot functionality ----  
  1839 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   File mode changes should be indicated in the diff ----  
  1858 Enhancement New Medium Accounts ----   users cannot change first name, last name and e-mail when using ldap authentication ----  
  1875 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Provide some indication of a comments in hidden lines of code ----  
  1876 Enhancement New Medium Accounts ----   email address is not updated when using ldap ----  
  1902 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   User preference to expand changes by default ----  
  1919 Enhancement New Medium Accounts ----   LDAPS TLS with certificate ----  
  1923 Enhancement New Medium WebUI ----   Provide maintenance and maintenance ReviewBoard mode ----  
  2016 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Ability to integrate source browser tools with Review Board ----  
  2020 Enhancement New Medium Accounts ----   User account page should list fish trophies acquired by the user. ----  
  2041 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Reviews ----   Option to add more context to the main page of a review ----  
  2048 Enhancement New Medium Accounts ----   Disable automatic user creation if authenticated through ldap ----  
  2070 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Website ---- should mirror our dependencies ----  
  2071 Enhancement New Medium RBTools ----   A review should inform about any binary files that may have been changed (CVS) ----  
  2082 Enhancement New Medium Extensions ----   Submit/Discard/Delete hooks ----  
  2104 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   provide a way to map file extensions to syntax highlighting ----  
  2106 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Reviews ----   Diff updates after "ship it" ----  
  2115 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Have ReviewBoard automatically fill out bug number field if detected in the commit message ----  
  2116 Enhancement New Medium Search ----   search should support the diffs themselves ----  
  2117 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Cross-page selection of diff is near impossible ----  
  2123 Enhancement PendingReview Medium SSH ----   Support for Multiple SSH Keys ----  
  2180 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Reviews ----   Allow ownership of review requests to be claimed ----  
  2187 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Reviews ----   Make it possible for multiple users to collaborate on a review request ----  
  2219 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Collapse inter-diff differences onto minimum number of pages ----  
  2272 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Automatic Update of Change Number in ReveiwBoard ----  
  2314 Enhancement New Medium Attachments ----   RB needs a 'download all' button for file attachments ----  
  2320 Enhancement New Medium SSH ----   Allow username/password authentication with ssh ----  
  2321 Enhancement New Medium Dashboard ----   Awesome dashboard features aren't discoverable enough.   Usability Discoverability ----  
  2392 Enhancement New Medium RBTools ----   rbtools should provide a warning when svn files are out of date ----  
  2398 Enhancement New Medium RBTools ----   post-review should determine the SCM Client based on repository type ----  
  2412 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Show last revision reviewed ----  
  2475 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Finding files on a diff with multiple pages is difficult ----  
  2476 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   After publishing a reply to a review, collapsed state of reviews should be retained ----  
  2499 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Allow some sort of sorting on review comments ----  
  2523 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Allow reviewers to attach files ----  
  2605 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Add a Back to File List link under each diff in Diff Viewer ----  
  2607 Enhancement New Medium WebUI ----   Make "My Dashboard" links visible in Reviews ----  
  2638 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Add patch series ----  
  2740 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Trophies for prime numbers ----  
  2761 Enhancement New Medium EMail ----   Publish review without triggering an email update ----  
  2777 Defect New Medium SSH ----   rbssh is very slow ----  
  2794 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Display changes corresponded to comment regions in the code when the diff is updated ----  
  2812 Defect New Medium DiffParser ----   Layout of Git format patch file is corrupted sometime ----  
  2817 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   Create issue without commenting on specific code ----  
  2827 Enhancement New Medium Accounts ----   Multiple LDAP authentication server for ReviewBoard? ----  
  2835 Defect New Medium RBTools   post-review fails if extraneous git-svn remote ----  
  2848 Enhancement Confirmed Medium Dashboard, Reviews ----   Being able to view all review requests assigned to a developer ----  
  2852 Defect New Medium WebUI ----   Accessibility issue with reviewboard ----  
  2862 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   ability for author to convert comment to issue ----  
  2879 Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   support for event streams   ExtensionIdea ----  
  2893 Enhancement Confirmed Medium DiffViewer ----   Any help reviewing moves of code between files? ----  
  2894 Enhancement New Medium Dashboard ----   Archive reviews ----  
  2914 Enhancement New Medium EMail ----   Allow publishing "issue fixed" comments in e-mails sent out ----  
  2916 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Review Board does not respect line endings ----  
  2934 Enhancement New Medium WebUI ---- require email addresses but don't hide them by default ----  
  2980 Defect New Medium DiffViewer ----   Diff viewer has problems with control characters ----  
  2991 Enhancement New Medium EMail ----   Daily digest summary email ----  
  3015 Defect New Medium Mobile, Reviews ----   Comment box is tiny on iPad ----  
  3039 Enhancement New Medium DiffViewer ----   Toggle diff viewer to view whitespace characters ----  
  3076 Enhancement New Medium Reviews ----   New button to close all open issues ----  
  3108 Enhancement New Medium API ----   APIErrors return 403 but do not log anything   BetterErrors EasyFix ----  
  3128 Defect New Medium Mobile, Reviews ----   comment box appears on top of page on safari on ipad ----  
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