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Updated Mar 13, 2015 by

This is the installation-guide for a single user Rapla binary distribution


You need JAVA: JRE 1.6 at least (1.8 recommended). You can download it from [|]

  • The SDK works for the binary and source distribution but is very large (>50 MB)
  • The JRE will only work for the binary distribution (Compiler missing) but is much smaller (30MB)

Starting Rapla:

Start rapla.bat ( under Unix). If the .jar extension is associated to your Java Runtime Enviroment you can also double-click on the rapla.jar (rapla.jar is located in the lib subfolder of your binary-distribution)



call rapla.bat
(win NT/2000)

Starting rapla directly from the command-line with the java command

You can also start Rapla by directly calling the java command. Change into the rapla-directory and type:

java -jar lib/common/rapla.jar

I got the "Command not found" Error!

To start Rapla from the command-line, you have to set the java command in your PATH-Variable (if its not already there) Example:

setenv PATH $PATH:/usr/local/java/bin
set PATH=%PATH%:c:\Programme\Java\jre6\bin

I got the "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" Error!

This error happens when there is many events (data.xml > 900Ko). Before starting RAPLA, indicate a bigger maximum heap size. In the examples it is set to 500Mb:

setenv JAVA_OPTIONS "-Xmx500M"

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