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Issue 44: Ex Falso: Inputting tags is painful
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Reported by, Nov 3, 2008
1. Assume a twenty-track tagless album.

2. Try to input TITLE tags for each of the files.

3. Get wrist injuries.

No, really. There should be a way to add tags sequentially without _too_
much effort. Personally I'd like a simple big text area where I can just
type one tag per line, ie.

Looking for Someone
White Mountain
Visions of Angels
The Knife

=> Select "Add as: TITLE"
which would then apply the tags to the files.

The current "most efficient" way I've found is this:

1. Select first file in file selector
2. alt-A (Add tag)
3. type "TITLE" <return>
4. type title of a track
5. down arrow (next file)
6. goto 2

(yes, yes, I know about cddb and musicbrainz but they don't always have my
Nov 9, 2008
Project Member #1
Perhaps you could make a plugin; see for example the import side of
for a basis.
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Nov 26, 2008
I don't know python, but I wrote a simple perl script which asks for tags in
succession and calls metaflac. It's a good stopgap.
Dec 13, 2008
Addendum: Editing pre-existing tags is arduous, too. Whatever solution is done to fix
this should think of editing, too.
Jan 7, 2009
What about option like 'edit next tag on enter'? And (same option, probably), 'edit
next song's tag on enter'.
Also, set of predefined tags (title/artist/album/date, probably) visible (and
highlighted) even if there's no such tags in file — for faster editing (erm… I
remember this problem mentioned somewhere else. Don't remembet the result though).
And, hotkeys for jumping to next/previous song in tag editor could be solution of op
problem as well, allowing to press 'enter, <hotkey>, enter' to edit first (or same as
edited previously, if possible) tag of next song in list.
Jan 7, 2009
How about an Edit option in the context menu for editing multiple tags, that:

If one tag is selected, display a window like the first attachment.  The tab not
shown has a multiline text edit box. In the tab shown, one can select $n lines and
paste $n lines from the clipboard, overwriting the selected lines.

If multiple tags are selected, display a window like the second attachment.  Copying
and pasting works as above, where you can select $n lines.  The clipboard should have
tab-delimited text of the $n lines and $t columns, where $t is the number of tags
you're editing.
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Jan 8, 2009
> Also, set of predefined tags (title/artist/album/date, probably) visible (and
> highlighted) even if there's no such tags in file — for faster editing (erm… I
> remember this problem mentioned somewhere else. Don't remembet the result though).

That was  bug #60 . It was wontfixed, "should be implemented as a plugin"
Jun 21, 2009
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Labels: Milestone-longterm Component-Tagger
Dec 1, 2009
Project Member #8
What about a new tab like this one:
Or merge it into Track Numbers, and display extra stuff for tracknumber underneath
the selection box.
Dec 1, 2009
#9 towolf
What I would like is a multi-line text entry where you can paste a track listing taken from the web (e.g., or from a text file, and then parse it line-by-line just like you can with tag markup in the 
«Tags from Path» Tab. 

It could default to <title> so you can directly enter title tags, one-by-one just hitting enter like in a text 
editor, and then there is a preview button to validate what you entered just like in the other tab.

Bonus points for line numbers in front of the lines in the edit control. But I suppose that would 
necessitate a dependency on gtksourceview, or something.
Jan 18, 2010
 Issue 73  has been merged into this issue.
Jan 23, 2010
To relieve the pain a bit until the feature is added, you can select the tracks, go
to "Tags from Path", enter <title> as the pattern, and then change the titles to
whatever you want. You still need to type or copy every title yourself, but it's a
lot easier than editing the tracks separately.
Feb 8, 2010
Project Member #12
Tag parser plugin: Basically what towolf described above. Most parts copied from
tagstopath. (not heavily testet.. could eat your tags)
Feb 8, 2010
Project Member #13
Sorgot to set utf8 after adding the copyright..
Feb 8, 2010
#14 towolf
Christoph, you jewel! That’s exactly what I had in mind.

But, being an insolent brat, of course I bring nitpicks.

1. Can we make the headers in the treeview resizable?
2. It’s a gtk.Dialog, but the Save button is in the main area, 
   not in the (empty) button strip down low.
3. I’m aware of the space contraints and I find your two tab 
   approach logical. But it somehow seems to belong in the tagging
   window. It feels expatriated like that in the songs menu.
   Perhaps I can whip up a concept for that and we iterate the design.
   Maybe even a patch, but that would take me long, I guess.

But I sure am psyched about this.
Feb 10, 2010
#15 towolf
Christoph, what do you think about this concept? I know that opening yet another 
window isn’t all that attractive.

Is there a way to make part of the string a no-op, by the way?

tag parser as editing plugin.png
552 KB   View   Download
Feb 10, 2010
Project Member #16
I have to say that I didn't think of the plugin to be the best solution for this
problem. More like a temporary workaround... 

Like I said before, it's mostly copied from tagstopath and I can't really change the
look of it.. because I would have to pull even more of exfalso's code into it.. not
an option. Noop is the same btw: <~>. I don't think text parsing is important enough
to be a new tab in the main window... but I will try to get it stable and commit it.

I will try to come up with a working solution for inputting tags in the next days..

Feb 13, 2010
#17 towolf
“I don't think text parsing is important enough to be a new tab in the main window... 
but I will try to get it stable and commit it.”

That makes sense. You should definitely commit to the plugins repo. Let me suggest that 
you change the name, because ›Tag Parser‹ is not very descriptive. Perhaps »Tags from 
Track Listing« or similar.
Feb 20, 2010
I'm in favor of a new plugin type which adds a new tab to the edit tags window to
maximize reuse. As we work out the details of the new plugin API, this can be elaborated.

Tags from text is useful, but it doesn't solve all of the problems mentioned above.
Here's my take, which could either replace or augment the existing 'Edit Tags' tab,
and would be in addition to tags from text. Each blank line represents a new list item.


- Title                             [Different across 10 songs]

|   01 - Turnin' on the Screw.flac  Turnin' on the Screw

|   02 - Sick, Sick, Sick.flac      Sick, Sick, Sick

|   03 - I'm Designer.flac          I'm Designer

+ Artist                            Queens of the Stone Age

+ Album                             Era Vulgaris

- Writer                            [Different across 10 songs]

|   01 - Turnin' on the Screw.flac  Joshua Homme
                                    Troy Van Leeuwen
                                    Joey Castillo

|   02 - Sick, Sick, Sick.flac      Joshua Homme
                                    Troy Van Leeuwen
                                    Joey Castillo
                                    Chris Goss

|   03 - I'm Designer.flac          Joshua Homme
                                    Troy Van Leeuwen
                                    Joey Castillo

- Genre                             Hard Rock
                                    Stoner Rock

|   01 - Turnin' on the Screw.flac  Hard Rock
                                    Stoner Rock

|   02 - Sick, Sick, Sick.flac      Hard Rock
                                    Stoner Rock

|   03 - I'm Designer.flac          Hard Rock
                                    Stoner Rock


Pressing [Enter] moves you to the next tag; [Ctrl]-[Enter] brings up the tag edit
box. The standalone edit box will default to a single-line entry, but clicking on a
button with text like "Use multiple tags" or something more intuitive will switch to
a multi-line entry to use multiple values for a single tag. (Blank lines will be
stripped, and if a tag already has multiple values the multi-line entry will of
course be used.) Attention would be paid to keyboard usage to make it efficient.

Feb 27, 2010
The above sounds quite good and useful
Jul 19, 2011
I concur. I like using ex falso because it's very stable, but editing tags manually is a pain and it's slow. There not even a Ctrl+S shortcut to speed up the fields editing (clicking on the save icon get annoying after a couple of times). I could maybe set an accelerator maybe - I don't know?

I don't try the plug-in above. When I need to edit tags manually, I use puddletag. It is super fast. I really like both ex falso, and puddletag. And, in my opinion, this request should not be an external plug-in. It should be in the core.
Apr 16, 2012
Project Member #21
Plugin update to make it work with QL 2.4/trunk..
9.7 KB   View   Download
Jun 10, 2012
Project Member #22
Slightly relevant to this thread: in revision 08eb995bca10 added a preferences checkbox to auto-save changes when moving between files during editing of multiple files. Use at your own risk, etc etc.
Sep 16, 2012
Project Member #23
Resync with trunk..
9.7 KB   View   Download
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