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Issue 43: rfe: stop playing once queue runs out
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Reported by, Nov 3, 2008
QL currently has a "Stop after this song" feature hidden beneath the play
button. I'd like it to be duplicated for the queue feature. I often queue
up stuff and wish QL to stop playing after they are played.

Currently, to accomplish this I must either a) clear the playlist or b)
wait for the last song in the queue and use the aforementioned feature.
Nov 9, 2008
Project Member #1
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Mar 24, 2009
I'd like to see a more general enhancement: clicking on the 'play/pause' column next
to a song changes it to a 'stop' icon, indicating 'stop after this song'. When that
song starts playing, the icon alternates every few seconds between the 'playing' (or
'paused') icon and the 'stop' icon. And, of course, after the song finishes, playback

This is sane because we've already got the concept of single-click-sensitive columns,
and because other media players use the same method to indicate stop-after, IIRC. If
people like this design I'll make a patch.
Labels: Component-Browser
Jun 15, 2009
I would definitely be interested in such a patch.  I would suggest rethinking the
play/stop alternating icon-- perhaps a play icon with a vertical line after it (see
the attached mockup I made by playing around with the default eject icon).  

Side note: whats the difference between right clicking the play button and selecting
"stop after this song" (which is by the way incredibly unintuitive) and selecting the
play order "One Song"?

What would make my day, though, would be an option (perhaps a play order called
"Queue") that stops playing when the queue is done (effectively putting a 'stop after
this song' flag after the last song in the queue, but it would have to move when
stuff is added/removed from the queue so it really does need to be a separate
option).  This is the behavior that users of almost any other player expect, and, to
me, it makes at least as much sense as the current behavior.
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Aug 25, 2009
@eric.potash: Please elaborate: how would you want the "Queue" play order to differ
from what "One Song" does now?
Aug 25, 2009
+1 on fixing this - if I'm playing a queue or playlist I don't expect or want the app
to start playing whatever album I happen to be looking at when it finishes.
Currently there's no way I've found of stopping this from happening, without using
"Stop after this Song" while the song is already playing (I want to queue up songs in
advance and know that playback will stop without intervention). Either the Queue
playorder suggested above or even a preference to toggle this auto-album-resume
behaviour would be great.

Aug 25, 2009
@steven: just what jude said.  the desired behavior is that when playing from the
queue and the end of the queue is reached, the player should stop completely.  "One
song" just stops after the current track.

i'm not sure what it should do if one is playing from the library and not the queue
though.  right now if you're playing one album and you browse to another, when the
current song is finished, the first track of the newly selected album starts. this
behavior is, in my mind, very similar to what we are disabling with the Queue play
order so it might make sense to disable them together. i think the behavior as
"autoplay" so maybe if the play order disables both of them it should be called "Manual."

I'm very happy to hear you are thinking about this-- I would really appreciate this

side question: is there a reason why the queue pane cannot be resized? for me its
stuck at about 4 tracks in height (or hidden).
Aug 25, 2009
@eric.potash: "One Song" stops after the current song when playing from the SongList,
but if you load the queue and start playing from the queue, it will drain the queue
and stop before playing the next song. (In other words: with the player stopped,
queue some songs and hit "Play" or "Next" (if it's available).) It's pretty much
exactly what I understand you're asking for.

The other option might be "Queue Only", in which double-clicking on anything appends
it to the queue, and the browser doesn't play anything. It might actually be possible
to do it from an Order plugin without touching anything else, I'll test.

RE the queue height: It's disabled in code, but I don't know why. There may be a good
reason for it, but in any case I'll investigate.
Aug 25, 2009
A Queue Only plugin is in trunk as of revision a5c4c500fb.

Turns out it was pretty easy, with one caveat. Double-clicking on any item which
contains multiple songs in it - an album in the album browser, or a filter column in
the paned browser, doesn't do a thing. This would be difficult to fix. But the other
means of adding songs to the queue still work, so that's cool.

If this is the kind of thing you were after, I'll close the issue.
Aug 25, 2009
@steven: yep, you're right.  it does produce the desired behavior.

your "queue only" idea is quite nice.  (actually its the default behavior of amarok.)
 i think it would be a good feature.  since it would change the main focus from the
browser to the queue, i think it would be important to make the queue height resizable.

what about the feature you mentioned in comment 2 (stop after this song)?

please let me know if i can test out any patches or plugins you put together. IMO all
of these (related) features could make QL playback much more flexible/dynamic. 
thanks for your efforts!
Aug 25, 2009
works.  cool!  you can close the issue, though double-clicking an album would be very
nice.  as would being able to resize the queue pane.  and right click -> "stop after
this song."  should those be moved into separate issues?
Aug 25, 2009
also, it might make sense to automatically start playing the first track thats added
to the queue?  
Aug 25, 2009
i should be more specific: if the queue is empty and the queue only play order is
selected and i double click a track, i'm suggesting it gets added to the queue and
starts to play.
Aug 25, 2009
Project Member #13
Regarding album/pane clicking:  Issue 231  fixes that and I have that 80% finished..
but no time right now.

Nice plugin :)
Mar 29, 2014
Sorry to necrobump this, but from the comment no. 8 about the "Queue Only" plugin, QL's current expected behavior with this plugin enabled is "while queue, dequeue and play next; if queue is empty, cease playback?" 

Does this require the browser to be in any particular state? E.g. focused on "All Albums," deliberately cleared of any selection (Ctrl+Shift+A), or is there something else I'm not thinking of? 

I have the "Queue Only" plugin enabled. When I tried emptying out my queue, QL played the last song, but proceeded to start the next album highlighted (NOT queued - my queue is dead blank at this point) in the browser. What am I misunderstanding here? 
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