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Issue 301: QL: File System Browser to display gnome "bookmarks"
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Status:  Fixed
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Dec 2012

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Reported by, Sep 3, 2009
I've got my mp3 collection shared via smb (or ssh or nfs) on my desktop pc.
If I mount from my notebook's gnome then a bookmark is added in the file
browser widget of gnome. but still I'm unable to browse those folders via
File system Browser in quodlibet ( shares are mounted in the hidden
directory .gvfs/ ).

I'd like one of theese options to be implemented
a) file browser in quodlibet respects resources known to gnome ( "places"
menu in ubuntu )
b) file browser is able to browse hidden folders ( user switchable option
maybe ), an url text-widget with auto completion (like nautilus' one) would
also be useful

Thanks for listening
Sep 7, 2009
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Status: Open
Labels: Component-UI Milestone-2.3
Feb 27, 2010
Better to have point "a" implemented I believe.
Jul 14, 2010
Agreed, the a) options sounds like it makes more sense, though the possibility to browse hidden folder could be nice to have too. But I think there's no need for the url text-widget, plus I don't think it would fit nicely in the UI.
Dec 9, 2012
Project Member #4
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Labels: -Milestone-2.3
Dec 9, 2012
Project Member #5
Cleaning up some old tickets, so an update:
(a) has been implemented for a while. 
(b) is now tracked in Issue 997. 

Status: Fixed
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