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Project Information

Who are QPrinterEasy ?

  • Main contributors :
    • Guillaume Denry (guid)
    • Filipe Azevedo (for the constant help he provides - PasNox on IRC)
    • Romain Jourdan (roms18)
  • Contributors :
    • Wathek Loued (wathek)
    • Aurelien Michon (aurelien)
  • You can talk to us on IRC channel #qt-fr.

What for ?

  • This code aims at ease the print process of documents including headers, footers, left side bar and watermarks.
  • You can freely use this code in your productions without any restrictions. All code is published under BSD revised licence.

What you can already do with it ?

  • talking about SVN version r66
  • you can add multiple headers/footers on documents
  • you can add plain text, html or pixmap watermarks on documents
  • you can print it all without any effort
  • please take a look at the samples to see the complete features


  • Some parts use new functions of Qt4.5, so compilation won't work with a lower version of Qt.

Building instructions

Choose the build process :

  • builds an testing application
  • builds a lib (static or dynamic you have to correctly configure the project file).

Run qmake && make.

Please report the building errors into our mailing list.


How to contribute?

  • Anyone can contribute to this project. All contributions are released under the same licence as the project.
  • Before coding new functions please inform mainteners using our mailing list.
  • Read the issues.


Some parts of the code are inspired of :

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