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Project Information

This project is aimed at porting a Qt embedded framework to Amazon Kindle DX, and porting other useful applications to this framework.


Same Project, Different Target

The project is live again. This time it will be a Qt embedded framework for the BoYue E-ink reader. It turns out the Qt framework is too heavy for low-end devices. This framework will be only used in utilities. The main reader program is planned to be a port of KOReader.


Patch For Version 0.1

There are many bugs in version 0.1, but some of them are fixed in this patch, including: Poor quality of PDF rendering. Unable to open TOC. Unable to save bookmark.

Version 0.1 Released

This version adds a viewer that can open PDF, DJVU, EPUB and CHM files, which makes this framework somewhat useful :-)

Installation instruction for version 0.0.3 is still valid for this version, but it is recommended to remove privous version before install this. (Just delete the 'local' folder in the flash drive)


Version 0.0.4 Released

This is a bug-fix version. Instruction for version 0.0.3 is still valid for this version.


Version 0.0.3 Released

For installation and usage, see Wiki.

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