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This project is now hosted at github, Please follow development there.

WiKID Systems ( offers an open source two-factor authentication solution implemented on a Linux server, with clients for all major desktop operating systems and several mobile phone platforms. However, their code is written in Java, and Java is seen by many as slow and bloated. Enter: PyWikid, the first third party WiKID Token Client.

PyWikid is developed by Hurricane Labs ( as an open source implementation of the WiKID one-time-password protocol in Python. It is compatible with the standard Java-based WiKID server, and should run on any platform that supports Python and OpenSSL (tested on Mac OS X, Ubuntu 8.10, and Slackware).

PyWikid is currently under active development, as it requires a token previously created with the Java token. It is also currently command line only, though the functions are written such that a graphical interface can be wrapped around them easily.

Support is available through the Google code website, or the #hurricanelabs channel on WiKID support can be obtained from their website ( or through the #wikid channel on WiKID can also be obtained from Hurricane Labs (

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