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Old news items that fall off the front page
Updated Mar 13, 2011 by

Old News

  • 2010/01/07 (77db8b29bf0f) New feature: Closures. Also allows decorators with an argument.
  • 2009/12/21 The first reference platform, mbed, is in stock at Digikey, Mouser, Future and others.
  • 2009/12/14 (3682e441ad60) New platform: STM32
  • 2009/09/26 (72eede61a411) New feature: String format (%) using %d,s,f,x,X format chars.
  • 2009/09/07 (fd25e9580963) New feature: The backtick operator (s=`x`) for integers and floats.
  • 2009/09/03 (0ea29fb0c110) New feature: String concatenation using +.
  • 2009/06/15 Steve Holden of the PSF granted P14p permission to include the official Python logo in a derived work for the Python-on-a-Chip logo (seen above, to the left of the project title).
  • 2009/05/17 (7a8bd369067d) New feature: Generators with iterators, expressions and coroutines
  • 2009/05/13 The first reference platform, mbed was delivered to 10 developers.
  • 2009/04/28 (3d3fa606cd77) New feature: Classes with multiple inheritance
  • 2009/04/20 (c9455b900f36) P14p Release 08
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