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Issue 455: No Xutf8 support on Solaris 10
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Reported by, Sep 29, 2009
While packaging/testing pyglet 1.1.3 for the Enthought Python
Distribution,  I ran into the problem that the X11 library on Solaris 10
(both 32 and 64 bit) does not define the symbols Xuft8*.
As a quick workaround, I patched the source pyglet/window/xlib/,
i.e. uncommenting lines with start with "Xutf8", such that no ctypes
import of those symbols is made.

Oddly, there is code in pyglet/window/xlib/, i.e. the line
_have_utf8 = hasattr(xlib._lib, 'Xutf8TextListToTextProperty')
which checks for utf8 support, and everything workes as expected.

My suggestion would be to perform a check for the existence on the
Xutf8 symbols first, and based on the result of this check, only
define ctypes bindings to the Xutf8 symbols if they exist.

Nov 18, 2009
Having the same issue. Could you post the files that you patched please.

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