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PyGalaxy is an open source library of useful functions that make creating 2D games in pygame easier. A sampling of features:

  • graphics primitives
  • load transparent and animated GIFs correctly
  • framerate utilities
  • sprite engine with many features
  • dynamic music mixing (music heats up with more enemies)
  • microphone input and pitch detection
  • simple physics engine
  • AI functions such as pathfinding and state machines
  • interface with Wii Remote, use all the features of the WiiMote in your game

Some of the pieces of PyGalaxy are packaged separately for independent use. These include:

  • SWMixer - software mixer that allows precise sample control and simultaneous microphone input while playing
  • pyFluidSynth - bindings for FluidSynth, a software MIDI synthesizer that uses SoundFonts (SF2 files) for instruments
  • SoundAnalyse - real-time pitch detection algorithms coded in C, and other sound analysis functions
  • AppState - connection to Google App Engine for persistent shared distributed state, use for high scores, sharing custom levels in game, etc.

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